Be Grateful For Those Outside Catalysts That Push You Over the Edge

Recently I was on a podcast and the host asked me what led me to take the plunge and work for myself.

As much as I wanted to say I just had the courage and “did it,” that wasn’t the only thing.

Granted I think I would have left my job anyway and pursued being an entrepreneur, but I’d be lying if that was the whole truth.

Back in 2008 the financial crisis hit. At that time I was a financial services recruiter.

My bosses gave me the reality of the situation and told me the next year was going to be extremely hard.

At that time they told me that it would be extremely difficult to make money and that I’d be on commission only (they had been paying me a draw to that point).

Essentially they were incredibly nice about it and told me I could use the office to do whatever I wanted.

So I continued working on my websites (which I started in 2007).

Within a month’s time I decided to take the leap and just go for it on my own.

While I’d like to credit myself with having the guts to take a shot, I’m also grateful for the financial crisis.

I’m also grateful to my old bosses for being so understanding and honest about what was going on.

Like I said, while I’d have left eventually, the combination of the financial crisis and my bosses giving it to me straight enabled my transition to a greater degree than just simply me making the decision on my own.

Sometimes you have to realize there are many blessings out there in disguise.  Try to see them that way right out of the gates.

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