Basketball Moments in Movies That Were Just as Good as the Real Thing

It’s often said that moments in the movies are not quite as poignant as real life moments. In sports however a movie scene can be every bit as uplifting as the real thing. Sometimes the drama of the moment can be equally powerful and just as uplifting. From the triumphs to the defeats basketball is a sport that’s played by seconds and the importance of one’s decisions on the court. You step the wrong way you could get denied. You step the right way it could mean the difference between a win and a loss. Rely on your team and you could win the day. Forget they’re there and you’ll definitely fall as individuals. Any way you say it, the game of basketball in life and in movies is essentially the same.

The only real difference is that when the director says cut the movie stars are no longer ball players.

5. Hoosiers

The belief in your team is vital to winning. If you can’t trust the person next to you then your chances of winning the game drop dramatically. This is no one on one sport where you can overcome your opponent with a fancy move and superior skills. One against five is a no-win situation that can’t be overcome, which means that the faith you have in your team has to be absolute.

4. White Men Can’t Jump

That one chance is all you need sometimes. It might be a one in a hundred, or one in a thousand chance that you could make it work, but that’s all you need at times. When you need it most that one shot is usually right there when you need it. It takes a little more than faith alone, but when everything syncs up together you’ll know it.

3. Coach Carter

Then comes the agony of defeat. The greatest comeback in the world can’t heal the sting of a close loss. When you’re just one point away from winning the game is the worst kind of loss, especially when your team has enjoyed the first stellar season in a long, long time. It hurts so bad you feel like someone just ripped your heart out, but the reality is that you pick your head up and you keep going. It’s one loss, anybody can take one.

2. Teen Wolf

The thrill of victory is like the sweetest rush you’ve ever experienced in your life. It’s vindication that you’ve reached the top of the mountain and that now you get to lay back for just a moment and enjoy the experience. Knowing that you’ve given everything and have finally pulled through to the end as a victor is a feeling unlike any other.

1. Above the Rim

There is such a thing as street ball, and it is ROUGH. No blood, no foul has been the way of the court in many a game played on the street. If you want to cry about it then stay in the gym where all the rules still apply. As unrealistic as this might seem all you need to do to ascertain the reality of this is join one pickup game on the streets. They’ll show you the real meaning of “no pain, no gain”.

A lot of basketball movies are pretty true to life and don’t deviate that much. Of course there’s always the movies that are intentionally silly. But at least those are entertaining.


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Basketball Moments in Movies That Were Just as Good as the Real Thing
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