“Bad Lip Reading” of the First Presidential Debate is Comedy Gold


While bad lip reading has been a staple of the NFL for quite some time now (and might I add it’ absolutely hilarious) it was just a matter of time before it extended out into other platforms.   The geniuses at Bad Lip Reading decided to give the treatment to none other than the first 2016 Presidential Debate.  For those of you unfamiliar with bad lip reading, these guys work extremely hard to create dialogue that replaces real dialogue from people’s mouths.  Only it fits in absolutely perfectly with their mouth movements.  So essentially it looks like these people are actually saying what the new dialogue is.

By subbing out Trump’s insults and Clinton’s canned lines for some hilarious sound effects and silly voices, it makes it seem as if everything is happy and fine. Not like Donald Trump has even the slightest of chances of being the next President of the United States.  Unfortunately that’s not reality but at least we can live in a nice, fake place for at least a little while.    And when you get down to it, after seeing this video you might actually think that Trump’s policies sound way more real in this format.

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