I Fully Support Ariel Winter’s Wardrobe Selections


You’re either on Ariel Winter’s side or you’re not.  I’ve personally been watching Modern Family since its inception and I always chose her over co-star Sarah Hyland.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re both attractive.  It’s kind of like Ginger or Mary Ann.  Can you really go wrong here?  As Winter has grown up so too has her following both on Instagram and Twitter.  Many people have questioned her pictures because they’re a little too revealing and they seem to surface a little too often.    Ever since Winter had breast reduction surgery a couple years back it seems she’s been flaunting her body and some people like it, some people don’t.

I don’t have to tell you that I do.  I’m a huge fan.  Some think she’s setting a bad example.  Others think she should be proud of what God gave her.  Either way, one thing’s for certain.  Winter isn’t going to change.  In fact I think she’s taking the right path for her financial career.  In her public posts on the internet she’s often been compared to the Kardashian’s.  Again, some might say that’s a bad thing but me?  If you want to be successful,  a Kardashian is not a bad person to emulate.  How many millions does that family have?  Come on folks.  You’d do it too if you could.

Anyway, this is her most recent ensemble which some say only Jessica Rabbit can wear.  I say Ariel is nailing it on the red carpet and no one can tell me different.


Oh, and here are some of her more questioned Instagram shots.







Let me just say this about Ariel Winter.  You go girl!

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