Are You Afraid of Success?

Who in their right mind would be afraid of success?

Doesn’t that just sound weird?

Surprise surprise.  If you feel like you are afraid of success, you are not alone.  Trust me.

I too was once afraid of success and there are many more people out there who are afraid of success.

It comes down to two things: perception of what success is, and the impossible task of anticipating what it will be.

How do you define success?

Some people define success as having a great career.

Some people define success as having a ton of money.

Some people define success as having successful relationships.

But too often these definitions are garnered from reading what OTHER people define as success.

That never works.  Success is an individual thing.  It’s different for everyone.

For me personally?  Success is living the life I want.  It has little to nothing to do with money.  It has to do with how I feel about my place in life.

Am I doing the things I want to do?  Am I going to the places where I want to go?  Am I living in a place I want to live?  Am I spending time with people who I want to spend time with?

Money is definitely part of that equation.  Having a house, car, career is as well.  But that’s me and my situation.

How you define success may differ from how I do.

Why people are afraid of success?

So if success is living the life you want and having all the things you desire, why are people afraid of it?

The number one reason is because they fear it won’t be as good as they imagine it to be.

They think to themselves “OK I gotta put in all this time, work, and sacrifice for something I’m not even sure will be good.”

That gives them an excuse to simply not do it at all.  It’s easier that way.  Sometimes that anticipation of a good thing can actually work against you.

Let me save you the suspense.  It’s NEVER as good as you imagine.  That’s why it’s called an imagination or fantasy.  It never compares to reality.

But should that stop us?  Of course not.

The issue is that we think too big sometimes.

Having a big goal of success is a great thing.  But the more important thing in our lives is the day to day.

It’s focusing on what you need to do TODAY to get what you want TOMORROW.

That way you can take one thing as it comes and not think of this gigantic, massive, life transformation that hasn’t even happened yet.  It’s too overwhelming.

So how can you accept success?

By living in that day to day.

By living in the moment to moment.

This is not an easy task, especially if you’re truly used to thinking of the grand picture and little else.

Good thing you’re reading this because that’s one of my specialties.  Reach out!

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