Am I Too Salesy?

Perhaps it was the years of cold calling that left a stain on me.

Maybe it was all the rejections that I took too personally.

Whatever reason it is, I can’t stand sales.

The idea of “prospecting” and reaching out to people just rubs me the wrong way.

P.S. I have absolutely zero problem with the concept and all the more power to you if you do it well.

I think any method of sales that works for you is what counts the most and should be utilized.

So when someone told me I was being too salesy the other day I was utterly surprised.

Am I too salesy?

My method of “sales” is very straightforward.

I create content on a daily basis and through that content I hope to receive inbound inquiries from people looking for coaching.

That’s it.

Within said content I’ll always have some kind of call to action.

In my videos I’ll generally say something along the lines of “let’s talk” or “send me a message.”

In the descriptions of the videos I’ll offer the same thing.  I’ll literally write at the end, “send me a DM and we’ll talk.”

When I wasn’t doing this, I rarely had people reach out.

Once I implemented it I was getting clients consistently.

My actual sales process

Before I even get on a call with someone I’ll tell them my rates.

I lay nearly everything out on the table so there are zero surprises.

That way on the call we can focus on the important stuff like how we’d work together, if we click, and what someone would be getting for the rates I charge.

At the end of the conversation, I never try and “close.”

I just listen to what the person has to say.

I’ll never push for another call.  I’ll never push for the sale.

I may offer my opinion and make a suggestion but I make sure to never pressure a person.

I don’t even follow up with people.  Maybe that’s a mistake but I just don’t do it.

That’s me.  That’s my style.

Like I said, others have their own styles and to each their own.

But my question is this:  Is this too salesy????

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