Am I Even For Real?

I’ve been asked this question more than once.  Are you for real? I think it’s because I’m developing a following on Linkedin and people are having a hard time believing that it’s the real me on camera.  Often times when you see a particular “persona” online it makes you wonder if that person is that way when the camera isn’t rolling.  It’s a perfectly acceptable query to have and not a surprising thought.  So today I want to answer the question of “am I real?”

My name

People call me “Nat.”  However, my real name is Nathaniel.  In fact it’s Nathaniel Isaac Berman.  For no reason whatsoever I had the nickname “Niffy” as a kid but it was only used by my neighbors who I really didn’t like.  My siblings would call me that to piss me off.  When I was just a little kid we once had a photographer come to the house.  He was a Greek fellow with a heavy accent and couldn’t pronounce Nathaniel.  So instead he called me “Natalius.”  But yeah, you can call me Nat.  I don’t like Nate.  I hate being called Nate.  Stop calling me Nate.

Is that your house?

In every single video I make, it’s somewhere on my property.  Most of the times I film it’s either in my backyard, in front of my pool, or in front of my house.  Sometimes I’ll film in the kitchen.  I don’t set up the rooms or outside scenery in any certain way.  You’ll see toys scattered about.  You’ll see some crap on the floor.  It’s just my house.

Is that really your personality?

That’s probably the biggest question I get.  Sometimes I come off as “Angry Nat.”  I tend to get riled up about certain topics that I’m passionate about.  But for anyone out there that really knows me (friends and family) they can vouch for me that I am unequivocally being me.  In fact it’s extremely rare for me to do a video that isn’t one take.  I like to film my mistakes and all.  If someone is going to see me I prefer them to see me, flaws, pimples, and all.  It’s possible I wouldn’t have felt this way in my 20s.  But now that I’m 41, have a wife and two kids, who cares?  Seriously.  Who the hell am I trying to impress here?  If you don’t like me that’s completely OK and your right.   If you do, wonderful.  I’ll care either way.  Yes, I do care what you think. I don’t love it when people don’t like me but I can certainly understand and accept it.

Are your stories true?

100%.  There’s not one story that I’ve shared in a video or on this site that wasn’t true.  I mean it’s kind of hard to make up the fact that I like to sit down on the toilet to pee.  It’s not the easiest thing in the world to admit that I’ve told my son I didn’t like him.  But it’s all part of the package, for better or worse.  I own up to who I am, the things that have happened in my life, as well as the opinions I express each time I’m on camera.

My promise to everyone reading this

I will always be me on camera and off camera.  Unless I land some acting gig I just don’t envision a time in my life from this point on where I wouldn’t be my authentic self.  I have zero to hide and very little to be embarrassed about.  So the one thing I can promise everyone reading this and who watches me on a daily basis, is that I will continue to be me.  I’ll continue to get pissed when I’m pissed, sad when I sad, weird when I’m weird, and any other emotion that comes up when that emotion comes up.

My advice

Just as a P.S. I’m not recommending this approach for everyone.  It’s completely OK to project a persona for a business, brand, or product.  I have absolutely nothing against that.  At the same time I have the confidence in myself that there are enough people out there who I can relate to and will support many of the views I share.  Plus I’m awesome.

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