10 Things You Never Knew about the Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers are a MLB team based in Milwaukee, which is one of the biggest cities in Wisconsin and the rest of the Midwest. It has a long history, seeing as how it has been based in its current hometown since 1970. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about the Milwaukee Brewers:

1. Started Up in Seattle

Initially, Milwaukee Brewers started up in Seattle as the Seattle Pilots. However, that part of its history isn’t particularly relevant, seeing as how it played no more than a single season before its time ran out. Afterwards, the team was picked up in bankruptcy court by Bud Selig.

2. It Is Not the First Milwaukee MLB Team

With that said, it is interesting to note that the Milwaukee Brewers aren’t the first MLB team in Milwaukee. Instead, thiat would be the Milwaukee Braves, who played in the city from 1953 to 1959. As for where said team can be found now, well, suffice to say that it shouldn’t be too challenging to guess that the team is now called the Atlanta Braves.

3. Has Switched Leagues

The Milwaukee Brewers are one of the very few MLB teams that has switched leagues over the course of its existence. In short, the team started out in the American League, but eventually, it went over to the National League, where it remains in the present day. For context, there is literally one other MLB team that has made a similar change, which would be the Houston Astros.

4. Has Been in Four Divisions

Speaking of which, the Milwaukee Brewers is the one MLB team that has played in four divisions. It started out in the West Division but went over to the East Division to make room for the Texas Rangers. After which, it went over to the Central Division of the American League before eventually moving on to the Central Division of the National League.

5. Named Thus Because of Beer

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Milwaukee Brewers are named thus because the city has had a reputation for beer production for a very long time. It has been home to a number of the biggest beer producers in the United States. Never mind their smaller-scale counterparts that can be found in the same city.

6. The Name Is Kind of a Legacy

Interestingly, the name of Milwaukee Brewers is actually kind of a legacy in the sense that there have been baseball teams in the city under that name long before the current team made its appearance. Since the 1880s, the Milwaukee Brewers has been one of the most popular names for baseball teams in the region, with the other contender being the Milwaukee Creams.

7. Selig Named the Team for One of These Teams

When Selig brought the Seattle Pilots over to become the Milwaukee Brewers, he named the team thus because of one of the previous teams that had borne the team. It was very much a choice that was rooted in nostalgia, seeing as how he had very fond memories of said team from when he grew up watching baseball.

8. Represented By the Beer Barrel Man

For a long time, the Milwaukee Brewers were represented by a mascot called the Beer Barrel Man, who possesses a beer barrel for a torso as well as a tap for a nose. Said character is very much a reminder of the minor leagues of the first half of the 20th century, which possessed what one might call an often whimsical spirit.

9. The Beer Barrel Man Has Made a Comeback

The Beer Barrel Man saw use for some time, but eventually, he was phased out in the late 1970s. However, he has since made a return as a costumed mascot for the team, which happened in 2015.

10. Used Seattle Pilots Colors

When the Milwaukee Brewers made their debut in their current hometown, they continued to use the Seattle Pilots’ colors of blue and gold, which was necessary because the team was short on time. Amusingly, said colors have managed to make something of a resurgence in recent times as well, seeing as how they are surprisingly popular because of throwback merchandise.

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