10 Things You Didn’t Know About Zach Lowe

Even with the many channels of social media where everyone posts something about themselves, some people prefer their privacy and barely make any comments regarding their personal life. For Zach Lowe, although basketball fans adore him for the clarity on his reporting, he keeps it mostly strictly sports and usually tweets about his wife. Such is his privacy that he has managed to keep the name of his daughter a secret. He also does not talk about other members of his family, and as much as we respect people’s privacy, Zach knows how to keep a low profile. Fortunately, not everything can remain hidden from the public. So, these facts about Zach Lowe will still inform you what this celebrity sports writer does and how he does it.

1. Zach Lowe is impartial in his writing

While most writers fail to maintain impartiality on their work often concentrating on one team, Zach Lowe is different. He covers the entire NBA and attributes his ability to go with the facts to his former employment as a court reporter where he had to maintain a balanced approach and only report on what the evidence showed.

2. His writing style is admired by fellow sports writers

Everyone has a unique way of doing things, and Zach Lowe has perfected his art causing him to gain admiration from other writers in the sports category. He presents his posts as well thought-out through laying out all the details and even adding some video clips for people to understand the news better.
The founding editor of Deadspin, Will Leitch referred to Zach as the most interesting and among the best basketball writers while Josh Levin, Slate’s Magazine executive editor said Zach is the best sportswriter in America.

3. Zach Lowe was once a teacher

After graduating from college, Zach Lowe got a teaching job at Cresskill High School. He taught History and even coached the debating team, which according to his twitter account, he agreed to, to land the teaching job.

4. Zach Lowe’s wife is also a writer

Zach’s wife, Vesna, is also a writer who pursued journalism. She works as a reporter from 2001 to 2009 before going into international relations. Currently, she is a freelance writer whose primary focus is human rights, progressive non-profit organizations, and foreign affairs.

5. Zach has two masters’ degrees

Some people drop out of school, others proceed to get their bachelor degrees, and others become professors. For Zach, he went ahead to pursue two degrees after graduating from college. He must love history because apart from teaching it in high school, he majored his degree in US history and did a thesis on post-civil War Reconstruction. Zach’s passion for journalism is also clear from the willingness to pursue another degree. He attended Columbia School of Journalism and attained his MS in Journalism.

6. Zach met his wife at Stamford Advocate

Vesna worked for the Stamford Advocate from May 2005 to November 2006 where she reported local politics, international politics with local ties and immigration. While working there, she met with Zach Lowe. Zach himself worked at the local newspaper from August 2004, and for nearly four years, he was the government, crime, and court reporter.

7. Lowe has a weekly podcast

Lowe is the host of a weekly podcast, The Lowe Post, which focuses on the NBA. In the show, Lowe has casual chats with players, coaches, and other journalists. Fans can stream the show online for free. They also have the option of downloading past episodes or subscribing to future episodes, for free.

8. He has a weekly article titled “Ten Things I Like and Don’t Like, Including…”

Zach writes a weekly article for ESPN during NBA season with the title “Ten Things I Like and Don’t Like, Including…”. Each week, the article focuses on someone different or one of the teams and the details surrounding how they play.

9. He began his sports writing career in 2010

Zach decided to switch gears from crime reporting to sports writing in 2010 by writing for Sports Illustrated, on the Point Forward NBA-blog. He made an impression on Bill Simmons whom he joined at Grantland to work as an NBA analyst. Grantland closed in 2015, but Zach did not lose his job because ESPN, the parent company of Grantland, picked up his contract.

10. Bleacher Report aggressively pursued Zach

After the contract with Grantland expired, Bleacher Report took it as an opportunity to pursue Zach with some claiming that they were offering him an annual salary of $1 million. However, Zach re-signed his deal with ESPN through a multi-year contract.

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