10 Things You Didn’t Know About Texas A&M Football

Even if you’re an expert on Aggies football, there are a few things that you probably don’t know about it. We’ve been scouting for interesting facts about Texas A&M Football and we’ve come across more information than we expected. They have a long history that is filled with fascinating stories and facts, and there were a few things that surprised us, so here are 10 things about Texas A&M Football that you probably didn’t know.

1. They broke Texas state records for attendance

The big event happened on October 11th of 2014. Texas A&M was having a game against their rivals Ole Miss and there was a record number of fans packed into Kyle Field. They topped the records and recorded a crowd that was 110,633 strong. This was the most fans who had ever gathered to watch Texas A&M compete. The record breaking game narrowly beat the old SEC record of 109,061 which was previously set at Neyland Stadium in 2004.

2. The Aggie Band was formed in 1894

Here is a fun fact about Texas A&M that we bet you didn’t know. The original Fightin’ Texas Aggie band came together in 1894. The tradition has carried on for more than a hundred years. What’s more is that they have played at each and every home game held since that time. There are over 400 members in the band and they hold the record for being the largest of their type in all of North America. Texas just loves to go big with everything they do.

3. Texas A&M had 9 NFL draft picks in one year

This is a little known or remembered fact that is well worth repeating. Texas A&M had nine of its players drafted for the NFL draft. This took place in 1968 for the upcoming season in 1969. Now this is something that would make young NFL hopefuls want to play for Texas A&M wouldn’t it?

4. They’ve played in 36 bowl games

One of the marks of a good season is making it to the prestigious bowls at the end of a successful year. Texas A&M has had a great record of winning and they’ve made it to a total of 36 bowls in the time that they’ve been in existence as an official team. They took home three national titles in 1919, 1927 and again in 1939. This is aside from the fact that they were undefeated in 1917.

5. The Early 1900s were two of their most dominant seasons

We had to dig way back in the archives to find this jewel of trivia. Texas A&M had two total shutout seasons. In both 1917 and again in 1919, the teams didn’t allow the other teams to score one single point and they had undefeated seasons.

6. Kyle Field originally only held 500 fans

Here’s another fun fact about Kyle Field. When it was first constructed in 1905, the stadium only had a capacity to hold 500 people in its bleachers. Kyle Field was initially just an unofficial name and it was given to honor a professor named E.J. Kyle, but the name stuck and it became official somewhere down the road. The stadium maxed out its capacity at more than 110,000 fans but it’s since been downsized and now has a capacity for holding 102,000 spectators. Kyle Field has come a long way since 1905.

7. There have only been 31 coaches total

Since the time that Texas A&M became an official team, there have only been 31 head coaches. This gives you an idea of how well their head coaches enjoyed their appointments. It’s impressive in light of the fact that they first started in 1894. Just 31 coaches in 125 years means that the turnover for head coaches has been extremely low.

8. Texas A&M has had two Heisman Trophy Winners

In their long and illustrious school sports history, Texas A&M has two very special football players to look back upon. Two of their players were honored with the prestigious Heisman Trophy award. John David Crow was a halfback for the team and won in 1957. The next to follow was Johnny Manziel who was the quarterback awarded the honor in 2012. It’s worth noting that Manziel was just a freshman when he received the award and he was the first freshman recipient.

9. Their mascot was established in 1931

Reveille is the name of the dog that became the team’s mascot in 1931. Yes, it was a real live dog and he died in 1944, but he was the first of many. A series of dogs have been donated from Ohio, Oklahoma, Florida and Kansas to assume the role of mascot.

10. The Junction Boys was their most famous team

Texas A&M nicknamed Bear Bryant’s first team “the Junction Boys.” It was because of the fact that the summer camp began with over 100 players and there weren’t that many who survived the event. It was a tough season but that was the year that the Aggies went 1-9. A book was written about the team and later on a movie was made about them.

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