10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shaquem Griffin

Against all the odds has become such a favorite saying even famous artists have used it in their songs. For Shaquem Griffin, he knows the words too well. Ever since his childhood, he was determined to live by them and set himself apart from everyone else. Below are ten facts that will enable you to know how this young man managed to become an NFL football star.

1. Griffin tried cutting his arm off at four years old

Shaquem Griffin was born with a malformed hand because while in the womb an amniotic membrane fibrous strand had wrapped itself on his left wrist preventing the hand from developing. Griffin, therefore, had to deal with a lot of pain especially when he slept. At four years, he could not take it any longer, so he went to the kitchen and wanted to cut off his hand with a butcher knife, but his mother stopped him. Griffin had his arm amputated the next day.

2. He has a twin brother

Shaquem has a twin brother, Shaquill, who plays for the Seahawks as a cornerback. Shaquill is older than Shaquem by 60 seconds and has always looked out for his brother, even rejecting scholarships from his dream team so that he could play alongside Shaquem.

3. Shaquem slept at the football facility in summer camp 2017

Knowing that it would be his last camp at UCF, Shaquem decided to have the full experience. He, therefore, bought a blow-out mattress, a comforter, stocked up on drinks, snacks and anything else he would need in the entire time he would be sleeping at the facility.

4. Shaquem and his brother practiced since childhood

Shaquem’s father would always ask them each day to do something that separated themselves from the rest. The brothers, therefore, did extra practice even after coming home from school. They would do pushups every day before going to bed, and during the weekends, the brothers would cycle up a hill or run on the beach. For Shaquem and Shaquill, the extra practice is what separated them from all those who did not do it.

5. Shaquem knew he wanted to be a professional football player

Shaquem, since his younger days, knew he wanted to be a professional football player. However, he also knew it would not be easy, so when everyone was resting, he would watch film, learning tips on how to improve his game. Shaquem confesses that even in college, he and his brother still faced challenges, but by listening to the coaches and teammates, they were able to grow.

6. Shaquem and his brother were track stars too

Shaquem’s father encouraged his sons to run track saying it would condition them into being faster even on the football field. At first, the boys hated it and wanted to quit, but their father would not hear any of their complaints, so they eventually learned to like running track. They became so good that they helped their high school win for the first time since 1956 its first state title in track.

7. He applauds his family for being his support system

Throughout Shauqem’s life, his family has always been his greatest pillar. They would drop him at camp and attend his games even while he was in college. Also when Shaquem was far from his parents, his uncle and aunt would make him feel right at home by inviting him over and cooking for him. His family has never missed any of his games and for Shaquem, having a support system like that helps him to push himself to be the best he can be.

8. He excelled in all the sports he joined in high school

Shaquem’s sports talent is not just in the football field or the tracks; he has done well in all the games he joined while at Lakewood High School. He became the state long jump champion in his senior year, and as for the triple jump, he was ranked fifth in the nation. Shaquem was so exceptional that he was named the “Tampa Bay Track and Field Athlete of the Year” along with his brother.

9. He won AAC Defensive Player of the Year Award

In his junior season, Shaquem won the 2016 AAC (American Athletic Conference) Defensive Player of the Year award.

10. He recorded the fastest time for a linebacker in 2018

In March 2018, Shaquem performed 20 reps while wearing a prosthesis. He also ran 40 yards in 4.38 seconds which is the fastest time for a linebacker ever according to the NFL official statistics.

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