10 Things You Didn’t Know about Shannon Sharpe

If you have spent any time following football, there is no doubt that you’re familiar with the name Shannon Sharpe. You may have heard of him even if you don’t routinely follow the sport, thanks to his accomplishments and his ability to use his persona for other endeavors. Nevertheless, you probably want to know more about him. Below, you can find out ten things about him that might enlighten you.

1. He spent fourteen years in the NFL

The NFL is not an easy environment to be in. It’s rough and tumble and there are a lot of injuries. The ability to play for fourteen seasons is something that’s special in and of itself. It just doesn’t happen that often. During that time, he only payed for two teams. This lends credence to the fact that he was an accomplished player, to say the least. He knew how to play football and more importantly, he knew how to make the right kind of plays when they counted the most.

2. He’s been to the Super Bowl three different times

This may not surprise you, but he made no less than three trips to the Super Bowl, many of them largely because of his efforts on the field. Perhaps even more important than his ability to play was the fact that no matter how much success he experienced, he always remained humble. As a matter of fact, he was often known as the one that newer players should go to whenever they had questions about something on the field.

3. His brother was an NFL star, too

It seems as though playing in the NFL, and playing well, runs in the family. It wasn’t just him who was successful as an NFL star, but also his brother. Many people credit one brother with inspiring the other. It would seem that at least in this case, it’s true.

4. He admits that school was difficult for him

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. For him, his prowess on the field did not translate into the classroom. He has repeatedly said that he struggled in school. He found it difficult and more often than not, he struggled to remain interested in the subjects he was studying. He has said that’s it’s hard to be interested in something that you don’t feel like you can understand, and he often found his mind wandering while he was in class.

5. His athletic prowess didn’t end at football

There is no doubt that he was gifted when it came to playing football but that certainly wasn’t the only sport that he could play. He was also a gifted runner and he participated in track while he was in high school. He was quite good at it. In fact, his ability to turn on the speed in track also worked well for him on the football field. That’s one reason he could run straight up the middle of the field as a receiver without getting clobbered by everyone around him.

6. He didn’t have a lot of money growing up

There is certainly nothing wrong with growing up without all of the latest gadgets but he admits that when he was younger, he and his family really struggled with not having enough money. Times were hard and while everyone chipped in to help where they could, it was many years before things started getting easier from a financial perspective.

7. His coaches loved him

It’s easy to understand why his coaches thought so much of him. He could play better than most and he didn’t let his talent go to his head. He always showed up when he was supposed to and he had a work ethic that was practically undeniable. This made him a favorite with the coaches and the other players as well.

8. He knows how to use focus and sheer determination to get the job done

Physical prowess goes a long way, but no matter how good you are it can only take you so far. One of the things that made him so good on the football field was his ability to push past physical limitations and focus his mind on accomplishing the task at hand. This is something that few can truly harness but he managed to do so effectively on a regular basis. It gave him that extra edge that he needed to compete at the highest level, no matter what else was going on at the time.

9. His personal drama was played out in front of a wide audience

There was a time when his then girlfriend accused him of abuse and sexual assault. She also claimed that he threatened her life if she ever told anyone. All of this played out in front of everyone, just as it always does when the person in question is famous. In the end, she admitted to making the whole thing up. Apparently, she thought she would gain something financially by making such claims.

10. He likes to stretch himself creatively

He is now a sports analyst and he’s also a writer, penning articles for Men’s Health magazine. It’s something he says he never really saw himself doing but he does enjoy it and plans on doing more of it in the future.

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