10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sean McVay

Sean McVay has built his name as a football coach in America. People knew that he was good at what he does but they were not sure how good he is until he stepped in as the Redskin’s coach. He has a history of playing the sport from which he built a great name. With experience on the field and the opportunity to help other players stand out as a team, he has made headlines on several occasions. The following are 10 things you probably did not know about Sean McVay that are worth your attention whether you are a football fan or not.

10. He is the youngest head coach in NFL history

He was hired with the National Football League (NFL) in the year 2017 at the age of 30. He became the youngest head coach in history. He is the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams. Not only was he the youngest but he took home the AP NFL Coach of the Year within a year of landing the job.

9. His gift in the sport runs in his blood

McVay has proven talent in playing the sport as well as in coaching other players in the same sport. Looking back, Sean’s father, Tim, has played the same sport as a quarterback as well as a defensive back. He played for Indiana University. Just to prove how good he was, he was captain of his team in the 1976 and 1977 seasons. On the other hand, Sean’s grandfather John McVay has been a coach for the New York Giants and eventually became the San Francisco 49ers general manager between 1980 and 1996.

8. Sean is dating a model

Sean McVay is dating a Ukrainian model, Veronika Khomyn. This is an intriguing aspect of his personal life. Many of his fans cannot wait to see the turnout.

7. He got 26 wins in his first 2 seasons (this is more than the Rams achieved in the previous 4 seasons)

In just two seasons after he took the role of a coach with the Rams, they managed 26 wins. Before he appeared as a coach, the team did not have the same number of wins even over 4 seasons. This is impressive considering that he did not change the players.

6. He is a perfect 8-0 against AFC Teams

In all their games against the AFC, the Rams outscored their competition. With a strike like this, Sean is bound to go up the charts for good reasons.

5. He secured the Georgia 4A Offensive Player of the Year

In the year 2004, he was awarded the Georgia 4A Offensive Player of the Year after building a reputation for delivering results. This means that his winning streak started as early as he was in high school. It was during this season that he amassed 1000 yards rushing and passing in consecutive seasons.

4. Another award in University

Sean joined the Miami University in Oxford and continued playing football. In the year 2007, he was awarded the Miami Scholar-Athlete Award.

3. Started training others as Jon Gruden’s assistant

Sean’s coaching career started as an assistant under Jon Gruden. If not a coincidence, Sean was born in the same town that Jon played college football. Jon seems to play an important role in the young man’s career.

2. He has one of the fastest tracks of climbing the leadership ladder in the sport

His career has been improving fast. In 2010, he was assistant tight end coach for the Washington Redskins. He was promoted in 2011to the tight end coach. In 2014, he moved up as the offensive coordinator. He kept moving until he made it as head coach in NFL.

1. He played different positions with equal effort

Over the years he played football, he has played as a quarterback (High School), wide receiver (Miami University), etc.


Sean McVay is a big name in American football not just as a player but also as a coach. He has been able to lead in most of the games to the extent he has managed to secure a number of awards. With a touch of his love life, the above are some things that stand out about the coach many people do not know.

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