10 Things You Didn’t Know About Myatt Snider

Myatt Snider is best known for his career as a professional driver in stock car racing events. Myatt has gained fame and recognition in the industry for his skill and successes. There is a lot to Myatt that most of his fans probably don’t know. We decided that it’s time that people get to know a little more about this interesting NASCAR star and so we’re sharing 10 things that you probably didn’t know about Myatt.

1. He’s in his early 20s

Myatt turned 24 on December 30th of 2018. He’s one of the younger guys on the circuit but within a three year period, he’s already run 32 races. If you haven’t been following his career yet, he’s the guy that’s driving truck number 13 or ThorSport Racing.

2. He’s already racking up awards

Although Myatt Martin Snider has only been racing professionally for a little over three years, he’s already earning distinctions for his racing skill. He was awarded the 2018 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Rookie of the Year. We think that this is a feat to be proud of. Not everyone is recognized with such a distinction so early in their careers.

3. He has his dad’s full support

Myatt shared that his father has been a huge inspiration in his NASCAR career. He said that is dad has been supportive of his racing and has remained as Myatt’s biggest supporter and fan and has hung with him every step of the journey to this point. He has a lot of good memories that he and his dad have made together, and it’s not over yet.

4. His father is a pit reporter

Myatt’s dad is actually Marty Snider. He’s the NASCAR pit reporter for the NBC sports news network. We’re pretty sure that it was dad’s job that gave Myatt his first exposure to NASCAR racing and inspired him to become a competitor in the first place. It must give him a tremendous sense of pride to be able to report on the accomplishments of his own kid.

5. Myatt has an interesting nickname

Here’s a fun fact about Myatt Snider that not everyone is aware of. He picked up a nickname recently from the guys in the pit. They call him Sauce Boi. No, it’s not because of his fierce competitiveness on the track, although that part is true. It’s because Myatt picked up a Louisiana Hot Sauce sponsorship in 2018.

6. Myatt is a college student

We’re all really proud of Myatt Snider and his decision to complete his college education. While he has a bright future ahead of him in NASCAR racing, and he’s already reached professional status, he’s a smart fellow who understands the value of an education and he’s not taking a break from his studies. He is currently attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He’s not leaving his future to chance and for this, we applaud him.

7. He wants to be a pilot

Myatt has a lot of great plans for his future. He’s currently a pro NASCAR competitor, a college student and he plans to do even more with his life. He recently shared that he has yet another dream that he plans to pursue. It may be down the road a ways, but he is intent on gaining his pilot’s license as well.

8. Smart phones auto correct his name incorrectly

Myatt has a real sense of humor when it comes to the unusual spelling of his name. He shared that when he sends texts or when people send him text messages, the auto correct feature is continually changing the spelling of his name from Myatt to Matt. He just has fun with it and he’s such a self-aware guy that it doesn’t seem to bother him at all.

9. He really does eat Louisiana Hot Sauce

Myatt shot a commercial for Louisiana Hot Sauce, one of his major sponsors. He said that he had a lot of fun doing it, and that it wasn’t hard because he actually likes the sauce and uses it on a variety of different foods that he eats. When you see him on a commercial endorsing the stuff, he’s really being honest.

10. He once ate hot sauce on a donut

This is one of the most fun facts that we learned about Myatt Snider. When he was making a commercial for Louisiana Hot Sauce, he actually had to put it on a donut. Myatt said that he gave it a try and it really wasn’t too bad.

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