10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jon Gruden

Jon Gruden is a well-known coach in the NFL He holds an important position as the head coach of the Buccaneers. He’s known for making quotations that fans love hearing about. He’s got a unique personality but when it comes to coaching the team, he’s got his own style. He’s the kind of guy that people want to know more about so here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about Jon Gruden

1. He compared himself to Tom Cruise

In an interview with an NBC journalist, Gruden made one of his famous quotations and he indicated that Tom Cruise is making over $100 million but Jon Gruden isn’t (referring to himself). He went on to say that Cruise is making plenty of money although he never really thought that the movies he does are any good. He didn’t disrespect Cruise and he said that he was sure he’s a “great actor” but he made the comparison in reference to the fact that he works hard but doesn’t make as much.

2. His team won the Super Bowl his first season

It’s very rare for a coach to assume the job of head coach and see the new team make it to the Super Bowl and win the contest to boot. That’s what happened when Gruden took over. What’s even more remarkable about the win is that it was against the team that he was coaching the year before…The Oakland Raiders. It’s almost a bit of irony.

3. Jon Gruden left his mark in 2002

You can say what you want about Jon Gruden, but nobody can take away the fact that he led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl victory. There were critics who tried to give the credit to team’s previous coaches such as Tony Dungy, but there is not getting around the fact that Gruden has left his mark on the team and he was instrumental in coaching the team into an amazing win, although there were some struggles in the years that followed.

4. His salary tripled in Tampa

During the time that Jon Gruden coached the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, his salary increased a lot. In fact, it tripled from what it had been previously. When he was with the Raiders he was paid $1.2 million per season. This was less than the average which was $2 million. Since joining Tampa Bay and signing a five year contract, his salary went up to almost $4 million which was more than triple.

5. Trading Jon Gruden may have been a mistake

When the Oakland Raiders traded their head coach Jon Gruden to the Tampa Bay Bucs, it was a huge mistake. Not only did his new team come back and beat them in the Super Bowl, they failed to have a winning season from the time he left until 2015. They went through nine head coaches after the affair.

6. Gruden spent 7 years with the Bucs

Jon Gruden had an excellent first year with Tampa Bay. He signed a five year contract but the years after the win weren’t all great. There were struggles along with way, but he still made a difference in their record.

7. Before Gruden was traded by the Raiders they had a replacement lined up

Bill Parcells was the pick to replace Jon Gruden as head coach of the Oakland Raiders. After they thought they had the deal in the bag, they traded Gruden. Little did they know that Parcells was going to back out of the deal. He refused to accept their offer after all. Just desserts?

8. Jon Gruden might just be making $100 million after all

When Gruden made the comparison with Tom Cruise and said that he wasn’t paid $100 million a year, this was true at the time. He’s still not paid this in a single year, but his 20 year contract that guarantees a $100 million payout puts us in mind of the comment he had made. Even if it’s over a 10 year period, hey its a hundred million dollars.

9. Gruden insists on earning his paycheck

Jon Gruden is an outspoken coach who speaks his mind. He recently made a statement that was meant to address the “gaudy price tag” that comes with his new assignment for the Raiders. He openly said that if he couldn’t pull it off, he wouldn’t take their money.

10. He shows appreciations for the fans

Gruden along with the Raiders recently threw a big party and they included over 500 fans of the team in the affair. They gave out free food and Gruden himself spent time with them. He’s a fan of the fans and is sincere about his appreciation for them and this is one of the ways that he chose to show it.

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