10 Things You Didn’t Know about Finn Balor

Finn Balor is the ring name of Fergal Devitt. Currently, Devitt is signed to the WWE, which is why most people will be most familiar with him because of the Raw brand. However, he has professional wrestling experience from before as well. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Finn Balor:

1. Is Irish

No one who has any familiarity with Irish mythology will be surprised by the fact that Devitt is Irish. After all, Finn refers to one of the most famous Irish heroes Fionn mac Cumhaill, while Balor refers to the terrible king of the Fomorians who had a special eye that could unleash horrific destruction wherever its gaze fell.

2. Debuted with NWA UK Hammerlock

Devitt got his professional wrestling debut in 2000 with NWA UK Hammerlock, which was a professional wrestling promotion that started up in the 1990s. Like its name suggests, it was a member of the National Wrestling Alliance, which once dominated professional wrestling in the United States until the then WWF started its national expansion.

3. Founded NWA Ireland

By 2002, Devitt had teamed up with Paul Tracey to found NWA Ireland, which was another professional wrestling promotion sheltered beneath the umbrella of the National Wrestling Alliance. Essentially, this made it a sister-group of NWA UK Hammerlock.

4. Trained Becky Lynch

It is interesting to note that Devitt trained Becky Lynch, who won the Royal Rumble match for women in January of 2019. In short, what happened was that she heard that Devitt and Paul Tracey were planning to open a wrestling school, which is how she and her brother started training in 2002. Within a matter of months, she was wrestling professionally, though under a different ring name than what she uses now.

5. Was Signed to New Japan Pro-Wrestling for a Time

By 2006, Devitt was signed to New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Said professional wrestling promotion is the biggest that can be found in the country of Japan, which in turn, makes it the second biggest that can be found in the entire world.

6. Wrestled Under the Ring Name Prince Devitt

While in Japan, Devitt wrestled under the ring name Prince Devitt. This was necessary because it turned out that no one in Japan could pronounce his actual name, which is perhaps unsurprising when the Japanese language’s syllabic nature means that it can’t easily approximate “Fergal.”

7. Narrowly Avoided the Ring Name King David

With that said, Prince Devitt wasn’t Devitt’s initial ring name. Instead, that was going to be King David, which was rejected when people started wondering why a 24-year-old would already be called a king. As a result, Prince Devitt was invented as a substitute, which was pretty lucky for Devitt who much preferred it to King David.

8. Got Compared to the First Pegasus Kid

Later on, Devitt wrestled under a mask as the second Pegasus Kid. Naturally, this resulted in comparisons between him and the first Pegasus Kid, who was another figure of note in the world of professional wrestling Chris Benoit. Unfortunately, Benoit tends to be best-known in the present day because of the murder-suicide that happened in 2007, which was caused in part by serious brain damage from multiple concussions that had resulted in depression as well as a particularly advanced form of dementia.

9. Big Football Fan

Before he decided to become a professional wrestler, Devitt was known to have played association football as well as Gaelic football. In short, association football is what most North Americans would call soccer, while Gaelic football is an Irish sport that lets players carry, bounce, kick, and hand-pass the ball. Even now, Devitt remains interested in association football, as shown by the fact that he is known to be a supporter of Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

10. Has Been Know to Wear Body Paint Inspired By Comic Book Characters

One of Devitt’s most notable characteristics is his wearing of face paint and body paint, which can make for a very memorable sight to say the least. However, it is entertaining to note that some cases have been based on comic book characters, which makes sense because Devitt is an avid reader of comic books.

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