10 Things You Didn’t Know about Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman is a professional wrestler known for his humongous physique and strength in the WWE. Braun Strowman is his stage name while Adam Scherr is his actual name. Many will know him from his career as a wrestler in WWE. However, there is much more about him than that. The following is a list of 10 things you did not know about Braun Strowman.

10. Initially played American Football

Before focusing on wrestling, Braun played American football. While he was very good at football, he did not get the chance to expound on his skills. This is because he did not qualify to enhance his college studies. He, therefore, gave up on his dream and thus ended up in the Wrestling profession. Clearly, one man’s meat is another man’s poison with the wrestling team taking home a talented person.

9. Mark Henry (another wrestling star) introduced him to the WWE

Wrestling fans know their players, and anyone will tell you of Mark Henry, who was considered the World’s Strongest Man for quite a while. This man is the reason we all know Braun Strowman after he introduced him to Vince McMahon.

8. He is the fastest strongman competitor to turn professional

In the year 2009, Braun competed for the first time in the Strongman competition. In just two years, he was handed a professional card. No one else has attained this as fast as he did.

7. His physique and size raised several nicknames

In the WWE and elsewhere where Braun is known, he has different nicknames mostly related to his size and physical appearance. Some of the nicknames include a mountain of a man, monster among men, big country, as well as mansquatch.

6. He had NEVER wrestled professionally before the WWE

Many professionals will talk of experiences in their field earlier than when they made it a professional career. Braun on the other hand, had never thought of joining any wrestling ventures. Hard to imagine considering how fast he has grown in the industry.

5. He was fat-shamed by his WWE fans

Sad but true, his fans fat shamed him as he made his debut on the main roster with the Wyatt Family. They referred to him as “Fat” which was noticeably affecting him negatively.

4. He has featured in a movie

Considering that Braun is already part of the limelight in the entertainment industry, many do not know that he featured in a movie. Even funnier is that he featured in an indie-movie called Three Count. The movie was 50 minutes long. Still, the movie had scenes that go back to his career as a wrestler making it comfortable for him. However, it did not hit big screens.

3. He was a security guard

During his postgraduate, he secured a job as a security guard. At 6’8” and 400 pounds, his physique definitely allowed for such a position. Relying on intimidation and his humongous self, you would not want to get on this man’s bad side.

2. He grew a foot between his ninth and twelfth grade

Many people assume that if you are big and tall, that it started at an early age. However, this was not the case for Braun Strowman. In his childhood, he was apparently a normal sized child. It is estimated that by between his ninth and twelfth grade he managed to grow a foot. Hard to believe.

1. He damaged his body from Strongman

You can only imagine what will happen to your body if you frequently pull and carry very heavy stuff such as cars. Braun may be strong, but he is still flesh and bone. In 2013, he tore his bicep in the very first event of the Arnold Classic.

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