10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bill Belichick

Love him or hate him (most people are Brady haters though) coach Bill Belichick is definitely in the running for the G.O.A.T of coaches. He has outlasted critics and complainers, and is in charge of a dynasty that is also in the running for the greatest teams for all-time. Whether you believe Deflategate or are a Patriot fan from the days when the team was named the Boston Patriots, Belichick’s accomplishments are very hard to deny. But the players usually get all the media attention, leaving some very interesting information about the head coach on the editing floor. So here are 10 things you didn’t know about the current head coach of the New England Patriots.

1. He was a preppy – of sorts.

He went to Annapolis high school way back in 1970 and then moved on to the Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, where it is rumored he began focusing on becoming a professional football coach. One thing for certain – he liked the state of Massachusetts.

2. He was acquired by the New England Patriots for s first round draft pick, among others.

Belichick has an unimpressive tenure as a head coach and was the defensive coordinator for the New York Jets when the Patriots really wanted him as head coach – badly. Who in their right mind would give up a first rounder for a head coach? Well, the Patriots, and to the chagrin of many AFC East fans the Jets made the trade, the Patriots racked up titles, and the Jets did not use that first round pick on a quarterback.

3. His first actual football job paid all of $25 a week.

He went from college to taking s job as an assistant coach for the then Baltimore Colts, and was under the tutelage of head coach Ted Marchibroda. For those unfamiliar with Marchibroda, he was considered one of the best head coaches of his time, so Belichick made his first football decision a good one. As for the pay, the year was 1975 and even back then $25 couldn’t buy you much. For the love of the game.

4. There was a five year gap between head coaching positions.

Earlier it was mentioned that he was the defensive coordinator of the Jets before being seized by the Patriots. He actually coached the then Cleveland Browns in 1995 when they were better than the pre-2018 Browns. But that didn’t work out for him, and he wouldn’t get another head coaching job until joining the Patriots in 2000.

5. He has GM powers.

We’re not talking about the car manufacturer or any new model of car. There are only three coaches in the NFL who have either the title or powers of both General Manager and coach. Unless you are a football geek or are from Boston, most of what you hear and see about Belichick is his coaching. But there are certain times when you will see his head pop up during trade deals.

6. He has achieved football perfection, although generally not recognized for it.

The 1977 Miami Dolphins lay claim to the only perfect NFL season. But that was before the NFL schedule was ramped up to 16 regular season games. Belichick is the only coach since the introduction of the 16 game regular reason who was a perfect 16-0 – in 1978.

7. Belichick continues his run of being the longest active coach in the NFL.

OK, one reason for this is that he just keeps on wining, though in the new millennium even winning coaches are sometimes shown the door. This is what makes his tenure even more surprising because the temperament of owners and management tend to get whacky at times. Give credit to the Patriot’s owner and management for keeping a good thing going.

8. His personal life can be described as interesting.

While the personal lives of celebrities are daily headlines, Belichick can be seen as someone who manages to avoid the insanity of the media. He was married, has three children, divorced, and now has a girlfriend who is a former beauty pageant queen. Linda Holliday was twice runner up of the Mrs. Arkansas pageant, which may be connected to her general thinking of better late than never. But she has a Bachelor’s degree in Radiology, so is not just all looks and charm.

9. Football runs in his family.

Steve Belichick, his father, actually played for the Detroit Lions. There is little doubt that this influenced Bill, as his father would go from player to coach at the U. S. Naval Academy. It can also be said that this influenced Bill’s generally calm demeanor and ability to adjust to adverse situations.

10. He has a connection to popular rock music.

In case you are not a Bon Jovi fan, Bon Jovi’s 2002 song “Bounce” was written as a dedication to Belichick. The ending of each verse ends with:

You can call it karma, call it luck
Me, I just don’t give a

It stops there. Really.

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