10 Things You Didn’t Know About Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is ring name, currently used by an Ireland, born female professional wrestler, Rebecca Quin. She’s previously used ring names such as; Rebecca Knox, and La Luchadora. She began training as a professional wrestler in 2002. However, it’s in 2005, that Becky made an impact on her career – she competed in the Elite Canadian Women Championship Wrestling and emerged the winner. Hence, making her the first wrestler to, win the SuperGirls Championship. She’s currently under the management of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). A contract she signed in 2013, after her first tryout performance. Becky is 32 years old and resides in Los Angeles, California, United States. She is trained by NWA UK Hammerlock, Paul Tracy, and Fergal Devitt. Here’s a list of 10 things you should know about Becky Lynch:

10. She Once Teamed With Her Brother For A Match

After making her debut in 2002, Becky Lynch, under the ring name, Rebecca Knox, alongside her brother Richy(Gonzo de Mondo), competed in mixed tag team matches. Shortly after, she went on to wrestle in independent professional promotions, mainly in Europe and North America.

9. She suffered ‘Legit’ Head Injury in 2006

This happened in Germany, one year after winning the SuperGirls Championship. As a result, a 60-minute Iron Woman Match against Haze was canceled. She, therefore, had to take a break from professional wrestling for several years(6years). Then, she made her return in 2012, which saw her sign contract with WWE in 2013.

8. Just Like Many, She Didn’t Like School

Becky’s parents separated when she was only 1 year old. In high school, she took part in basketball and swimming, among other sports activities, but failed. She then, attended university to study politics and philosophy – She later dropped out, because she ‘hated’ it. Since then, she was always high in alcohol. But she quit once she started training as a wrestler.

7. She’s Held SmackDown Women Championship Twice

Becky Lynch arrived on WWW’s main roster in July 2015. During that time, she competed for the Women SmackDown championship at Backlash and became the inaugural champion. Even though she’s won the title twice, its current holder is Asuka. On Dec 16, 2018, she beat Lynch and Charlotte in a Triple Threat Match, in San Jose, California, to clinch the coveted championship.

6. She’s Ranked 4th Out of The Possible 50 Pro. Women Wrestlers

Becky’s won a couple of awards and accomplished in the wrestling industry. She’s done this fast, and in a short period of time, compared to many wrestling professionals. Right now, she’s the Royal Rumble Women’s Champion, as well as two times SmackDown Women champion in WWE. Also, she was named Female Superstar of the year in 2018, in the WWE year-end award. She won the SuperGirls Championship in 2005. Her match against Charlotte and Asuka, was Match of The Year, according to CBS Sports. Lynch is also, a one-time champion for the Queens of Chaos Championship. Let’s not forget about the scene she made when she attacked Ronda Rousey on Raw. It was marked, the Best moment of the year (2018).

5. She’s Also A Talented Actress, and Flight Attendant

Not so many people know that Lynch holds a degree in acting from Dublin Institute of Technology. Furthermore, she’s an alumnus of Gaiety School of Acting, as well as, Columbia College in Chicago. While taking a break from wrestling, after having a head injury, she worked as an actress and was cast in various plays in 2011 and 2012. In 2017, she filmed in the Marine 6. For two and a half years, she worked as a flight attendant with Air Lingus, too.

4. Her WWE Character and Music Are Played in Video Games, And Ice Hockey

If you are a fan of professional wrestling video games, then probably, you’ve heard Becky Lynch’s song played in them. The video games that play her song are; WWE2K17, WWWE2K18, and WWE2K19. The video games involve a collaboration between Yuke’s and Visual Concepts. The American Hockey League’s, in San Jose, Barracuda, is also known to play Lynch’s WWE entrance music – for every goal scored on home ice.

3. Her Favorite Car(s) and Other Things

Lynch confessed that her favorite car is, Audi, and Ferrari. She loves fast foods, as well as Irish and Chinese recipes. Her favorite sports are football, wrestling, and hockey. To second that, Neymar and Ronaldinho are her favorite footballers, and she’ passionate about wrestling herself. And guess what? Her favorite phone is an iPhone!.

2. ‘Lose yourself’ by Eminem, is Her Main Motivation

Lynch believes, life only gives you ‘one shot’ at everything you do. Therefore, she gives her all in everything she does, especially when things get tough. During her first WWE tryout performance, she says its that particular song that propelled her through the ‘tides in that ocean’.

1. The ‘Man’ is Her Nickname

Becky gave that name to herself after having a winning streak while competing in wrestling. She beat the likes of, Billie Kay, Sonya Devily, and Carmella, who was the Women SmackDown Champ at the time. She earned a match at the SummerSlam, after these wins. Unfortunately, Charlotte won that match, after pinning her. She later attacked Charlotte, and that led to a feud between the two. Hence, the Hell in a Cell match, of which she won to clinch the Women SmackDown championship. She retained it twice, in two other matches. The two later had the Last Woman Standing Match, and Lynch power bombed Charlotte to emerge the victor. That is when she ‘gifted’ herself ‘The Man’ name, as of 2018 to present.

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