10 Things You didn’t Know about Amanda Anisimova

Are you familiar with Amanda Anisimova? She is a dynamic young individual who is, quite literally, taking the competitive tennis world by storm. She is a unique individual, to say the least. If you want to know more about her, consider the 10 things listed below.

1. She’s not even old enough to be a high-school graduate yet

Imagine what it must be like to become a tennis professional before you’re even old enough to graduate from high school. At a time when most people are still trying to decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives, she’s already had her focus on her goals for more than a decade. For her, it was just a natural progression. Despite the pressures that come with competitive tennis, she admits that there is also a sense of safety and security that comes with knowing what your goals are and how you need to go about achieving them.

2. She is the youngest individual to be ranked in the top 100 tennis professionals

When it comes to female tennis professionals, she is consistently ranked in the top 100 and she’s the only person that holds that ranking that is younger than 20 years old. At one time, she was even ranked in the high 80s, something that is practically unheard of for someone her age.

3. Her sister also played

Her sister, who is quite a bit older than her, used to play tennis in college. Although she never decided to make tennis a professional career, she did experience quite a lot of success during her college career and apparently, she made it look like a lot of fun.

4. You might see the game runs in her family

It seems like tennis is definitely a family thing. Her father is also her coach. He didn’t have a career in tennis himself, but when he realized how interested his youngest daughter was in having a career as a professional tennis player herself, he basically dropped everything he was doing and learned about the game in order to become her coach. He also allows her to work with other coaches and she has a full-time coach who travels with her when she’s not at home.

5. She started playing tennis before most kids are old enough to run well

She first picked up a tennis racket when she was only two years old, at an age when a lot of kids are struggling just to stay upright when they run across the room. From the first time she ever touched that racket, everyone that saw her knew that she had some very unique skills and abilities that you just don’t see all that often. Her years of hard work and practice have built on that natural ability and it helped turn her into the tennis player that she is today.

6. She’s always had extensive support from her family

If your father is willing to quit his job and become your tennis coach, you know that you have a lot of family support. However, that support didn’t end there. When she was younger, the family lived in New Jersey. When they realized she had so much natural ability and that she wanted to have a career as a professional tennis player, the entire family picked up and moved to Florida where she would have more opportunities to train. That’s a type of support that you really don’t see all that often.

7. She looks up to her older sister

She actually credits her older sister for giving her the inspiration to become a tennis player in the first place. When she played in college, Amanda would watch her play and it didn’t take very long to decide that she wanted to play as well. Once she started actually playing, she found that she loved it more than she could have ever imagine so she stuck with it.

8. She’s not afraid to put in the work required to get what she wants out of life

She knows that if she wants to achieve her goals, she has to work hard in order to get there. She has never shied away from hard work. It definitely shows when it comes to her ability on the tennis court.

9. She knows the importance of physical fitness

When she’s not playing or practicing, you can usually find her in the gym. She realizes that in order to be a good tennis player she has to stay fit so she spends a lot of time working on weight training and cardiovascular exercise.

10. She’s grateful for the opportunity she’s had thus far

She’s always been especially grateful for the sacrifices that her family has made that have allowed her to achieve her dreams. She doesn’t take it for granted. In fact, she realizes that it’s relatively rare to have that type of support and she is exceedingly grateful that her family cares enough about her to support her at that level.

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