10 Funny Work Memes To Brighten Your Boring Day

When work becomes tedious and you need a boost to lift your spirits, we have the perfect solution. There’s nothing better than a good meme to validate your feelings and give you a laugh or two. We’ve found ten funny work memes that are sure to brighten your boring work day. We hope you enjoy!

“When Your Boss Comes Around the Corner”

We’ve all been there. You’re either daydreaming or looking at something on your phone because there’s nothing productive to do at work. You’ve finished your tasks and now you’re sitting there waiting for something to come your way. When the boss rounds the corner you don’t want him or her to see you idle, so you pick up the nearest object to make it look like you’re working.

“Did You Wash Your Hands?”

This meme is so spot on. Your co-worker comes out of the restroom but you didn’t hear the water running. The odds are in favor of him or her not washing their hands. This isn’t someone that you’re anxious to shake hands with now or ever.

“Daydream of Becoming a Millionaire”

How many times have you daydreamed about getting rich so you could quit your job? This describes most of us who get tired of the same old routine.

“Wishing Your Life Away”

Some work days start out with clock watching. You’re either so overwhelmed or so bored that you start the day self-comforting and counting down the hours and minutes until you’ll be able to leave the place of bondage and be free until the next day starts.

“Admission of Personal Flaws”

Some people are chronically late for work. The excuses start sounding a bit thin, even to them so there comes a point in time when you just have to admit that there is really no good excuse. It’s just who you are.

“When You Pull Up to Work and Realize the Building is Still Standing”

We all have days when we fantasize about the building closing down or collapsing in some miracle that would let you off the hook for showing up day in and day out. There are just some days when it’s tough to take another 8 hours of the same old grind.

“Withholding From Your Paycheck Trauma”

Some people have so much withheld from their paychecks that it makes them feel ill. What’s the point of slaving away if the government is going to take most of it?

“It’s Susan’s Birthday and We’re All Putting in $5”

The famous office pool birthday collection. We’ve all thrown in our contributions to make somebody else’s day at work a little brighter.

“Big Plans and No Follow Up”

How many times have you determined that you were going to get up early and make yourself look extra nice before work? How many times have you actually followed through on these plans?

“When You Hit Snooze 80 Times”

Let’s face it, getting up in the morning can be tough. It’s too easy to hit the snooze button for a few more winks of sleep. The problems start when you keep hitting it over and over again, until you realize that you’re going to be late for work.

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