The Worst Fan Feelings You Can Have in Sports

Public Viewing: Germany v Spain - 2010 FIFA World Cup

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—being a sports fan is definitely hard work. On top of pouring blood, sweat and tears into a team or specific athlete, we drop serious coin to try and see games live and in-person, sometimes scheduling years in advance to make sure we get the best seat and prices. While we’re not really one to complain about catching a game live, we will be one to pout when something goes against our interests, causing us to react in a way that normal humans probably shouldn’t. There’s a lot of good things that come from sports, but these are some things that will cause some of the worst feelings.

6. Losing at the Last Second

New England Patriots fans watch Super Bowl XLVI in Boston, MA

We’re not sure what’s worse while getting hyped-up before a game, getting blown out from the beginning, squashing all hope of winning, or having the intensity, sweat-it-out feeling of watching an opponent win either on a last-second heave in basketball or football, or a walk-off in baseball. No one wants to lose, but when it’s done in dramatic fashion, it’s like getting kicked in the balls—it hurts.

5. Injury to a Star Player

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Just when you think that your team has it made and it seems like all the parts have come together and it’s your year, the unexpected happens—an injury to the star of not only your team, but possibly in the entire league. Pittsburgh Penguins fans can relate with the recurring injuries to Sidney Crosby, as can the Chicago Bulls with Derrick Rose’s knees, so just check the message board comments to see what it’s like to have to live through something like that.

4. Having the Worst Record in the League

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As a Cleveland sports fan, we’ve just become pretty accustomed to seeing our favorite teams sitting in the basement of whatever division that they’re playing in. Even after the Browns got off to a 3-2 start, they remembered that they were the Browns, and they had to do the inexplainable things that the Browns always do. Sure, the team doesn’t have the worst record in the league right now, but one could make the case that they are the most awful team in the league—and that’s a really bad feeling.

3. Witnessing an Historic Comeback

Public Viewing: Germany v Spain - 2010 FIFA World Cup

There honestly are few things worse than having your favorite team get a big lead over the opposition, and then somehow losing it because they played to lose and not to win. It’s a hell of a lot worse when the team that made that comeback did it in dramatic, history-making fashion. And it’s probably the worst if you were there talking crap at the bar or to your buddies early on in the game, yet fell silent and started sweating once the comeback was complete.

2. A Team Firesale

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Rebuilding. It’s a word no fan ever wants to hear because, quite frankly, it means that their team is going to stay uncompetitive until further notice. That could mean hoping to get lucky by “winning” the first overall pick in the league draft, or by being super cheap and playing young, inexperienced guys. Seeing a team trade away all their valuable assets is the white flag a team waves, putting a pit in every supporting fan’s stomach.

1. Your Team Relocating

England Fans Watch Quarter Final

Again, as a Cleveland fan, we know firsthand how miserable this makes a fan feel. Seeing a team pack their sh*t up and move to a place where you’ll never see them again is about as disheartening and low as it gets. When that specific team happens to turn into one of the best franchises in the entire league—winning two Super Bowls since moving—it’s the equivalent of seeing your ex-girlfriend getting engaged on Facebook with a dude who is a lot more attractive and successful as yourself—which, sadly, we can also relate to.

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