Vince Carter Doing 360 Layups Right before his 40th Birthday

When a guy is close to 40 and in the NBA, he’s really just a journey man.  You never really hear about him much because he’s kind of a shell of his former self.  Vince Carter is that guy right now.  He’s pledged to play into his 40s and he’s still out there, still making plays, and still doing impressive stuff around the rim.

When all is said and done, Carter will definitely get the attention he deserves and there will be tributes and so forth before he hits the hall of fame (which he deserves to be in).  People are quick to forget just how ridiculous he was in his prime.  Talk about jumping and dunking ability.  There was no one like him.  His performance in the 2000 slam dunk contest was legendary (to me the best in history).

But guess what?  As he nears his 40th birthday, Carter proved he’s still got it.  While these aren’t dunks, these 360 layups are still golden.  Oh and by the way, this is IN the game, not just in warm ups.

Remember folks, this is half man, half amazing we’re talking about here.  By the way, don’t ever forget who the best slam dunk contest performer ever was.

Also, this dunk is just filthy

H/T to Barstool Sports

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