Ty Burrell is the Latest Celebrity to Represent a Team in the NFL Draft


So who says the NFL is the No Fun League? Clearly the St. Louis Rams aren’t and nor his commish Roger Goodell. Goodell and the NFL are showing us that the 2014 NFL Draft is all about a good time. Not only is the league allowing tonight’s draftees in attendance to choose their own songs that will be played when their names are finally called and they walk the stage for the celebratory last time they’ll ever appreciate Goodell, but the St. Louis Rams are doubling down by bringing celebrity super fan Ty Burrell into the fold.

The Rams have at least two picks tonight and the man who plays Phil Dunphy on Modern Family will be there to hand jerseys to the two young men drafted by his favorite NFL team.

OK let’s forget all this Phil Dunphy stuff for one second. Draftees are choosing their own songs? I have absolutely no idea what to say to that other than I really hope two songs will be played…and loudly I might add. The first would have to be either “It’s Raining Men” or “YMCA” when Manziel comes out. I just really hope he has that kind of sense of humor.

And then I’m kind of hoping that any defensive end comes out to “Enter Sandman.” I mean come on. You really can’t go wrong with that.


Photo via Rams Twitter

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