This is March Madness Summed Up in One Photo

Recently, a lot of people have been sharing photos of the Michigan versus Houston game, which is understandable considering the sheer extent of the reversal that happened. In short, Houston was leading with 63 to 61 points. However, Houston’s Devin Davis failed to secure the lead when he missed not one but two foul shots when there were still 3.6 seconds remaining on the clock. As a result, Michigan’s Jordan Poole was able to make a most unexpected 3-pointer, which happened so late that the referees had to check to make sure that the ball had left his hands before the time had run out. Unfortunately for Houston, the ball had indeed left Poole’s hands by before the time had run out, meaning that Michigan managed to secure a spot in the Sweet 16 in a most shocking turn of events. The whole thing is that much more dramatic because for a while, it seemed as though the No. 6 seed Houston would be upsetting the No. 3 seed Michigan, which came to naught when Poole made his shot.

Overall, Houston played well, but it was clear that there were still cracks in its line-up, which was understandable under the circumstances. Unfortunately, those cracks revealed themselves at the worst time, which must be devastating for Devin. Meanwhile, Michigan managed a respectable performance even though some of its top players were by no means playing their best, though what matters in the end is that they have managed to claim the win no matter how close the results might have been.

Of course, Michigan versus Houston was far from being the sole moment of excitement that happened in the latest games of March Madness. For example, Loyola-Chicago has managed to make it into the Sweet 16 by beating out Tennessee, which is like the last time that they made it into the NCAA Tournament, which saw them making it into the Sweet 16 then as well. Like Michigan versus Houston, the Loyola-Chicago versus Tennessee game was full of dramatics as well, as shown by the fact that Loyola-Chicago was leading throughout the second half with a single exception that happened with 20 seconds on the clock when Tennessee scored a 3-pointer. However, Loyola-Chicago had the time to recover that Houston did not, which must have come as welcome news to the 98-year-old Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, the team chaplain for Loyola-Chicago who was watching from her wheelchair throughout the whole process.

For that matter, it should be noted that more dramatics are bound to happen as March Madness continues. Next, Michigan will be playing in the semifinals for the West Region, which will see them matched up against Texas A&M, the No.7 seed that eliminated the No.2 seed for the chance to play. Assuming that the game will be anything like the clash between Michigan and Houston, it seems safe to say that it is promising. Likewise, it seems certain that March Madness will continue to be packed full of the twists and turns for which it is known, particularly since there are still a fair few games to go.

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