Things Athletes Can Get Away With That Normal Folks Can’t

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OK, so it’s no surprise that athletes seem to have it made. Not only do they get to participate in an activity that you and I do for either fun or for exercise for a living, but they get paid serious dough to do it, all while landing some seriously sexy ladies. But besides the obvious, what are some other things that they can get away with that us normal folks just can’t? Well, just keep reading and see.

5. Eating Anything They Want To

After eating a ton of junk food and being a lazy sack over the past week or so for the holidays, we’ve come to the conclusion that we’ve had to tack on at least five pounds from it all. That may or may not be accurate. But either way, it’s something that pro athletes don’t need to worry about. Thanks to working out like crazy and a metabolism that is much better than yours or ours, these guys can admit to eating all the candy they want to, yet still are able to maintain a high level of energy and competition. Yes, it’s completely unfair.

4. Wearing Something Ridiculous

Athletes these days just have to make a statement, don’t they? While you or I are forced to wearing just casual clothes or suits to the office, these guys try their damnedest to make sure they avoid becoming one of the pack, dressing themselves in things that would look like it’d be on a runway during Fashion Week or something. So even though you see Russell Westbrook look like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, doesn’t mean you should try to duplicate the look anywhere! And if you do, well, you deserve all the crap you take from people with and around you.

3. Not Warming Up Properly

As a pretty extreme runner, we’ve we’ve been told by a number of running mates that stretching before a long jog actually can do more harm than good—which is completely opposite how we were probably all raised during gym class. For athletes though, they not only stretch before a game, but they’re also sweating and running around as if the game itself is being played against their own teammates in pre-game drills. This probably isn’t the best way to conserve energy, yet it somehow works for them—we just wouldn’t recommend it for yourself.

2. Overspending

Here’s a bit of advise for all you want to be ballers out there—avoid thinking you have money you really don’t have. OK, so you make a cool 75 grand per year as a salesman, but that doesn’t mean you can make it rain at the club in the VIP area and then at the strip joint, buying lappers for all your buddies. We know that everyone wants to be someone these days, but the sooner you realize that you’re not a millionaire like most of these athletes are, the better off you’ll be at avoiding debt. If an athlete can do it and lose all that cash, than you certainly can do the same—but you just don’t have millions to blow as they did.

1. Tweeting Ridiculous Things

While some of the other things on this list involved training or eating habits, this is one that just seems ridiculous—but is totally true. A pro athlete can bash his boss, another player, a fan or just say something that is about as insane as could possibly be, and, very few times, actually get disciplined for doing so. Any of us, on the other hand, could potentially get the ax if our employer or girlfriend finds out what we type in those 120 available, little characters. Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

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