The Latest Brett Favre News: Lumberjack Finally Trims Beard, Still Looks like Dexter


In the latest development on the Brett Favre news front, it looks like Favre has finally trimmed his beard.  This image by Blakecampbell proves that the man we saw back on May 7th analyzing this year’s draft has finally toned it down (a little) on the lumberjack scene.   We can’t tell but it seems he may have very well trimmed his hair as well.  Speculation would lead me to believe that perhaps he’s doing a new Wrangler commercial with Drew Brees or Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

Or maybe he’s just trying out to be Dexter when the show makes it’s inevitable return to television.  For those of you who want to see even more of the Dexter (and possibly performance enhancing drug veins) pic then simply look below.  This is screenshot of Favre on May 7th when everyone was going nuts about how big the guns are.  That even fueled speculation that he’d be returning (yet again) to the playing field.


Look at those guns!  Still though, Favre couldn’t be any more lumberjack if he tried.  I really hope they use this shot as some kind of new plot in Dexter.  That Dexter was really just Brett Favre all along and he just wants to analyze NFL drafts now.  Come on, it’s possible!

Image via Youtube


Image via Showtime

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