Stuart Scott’s ESPYs Speech Is the Most Inspiring Thing You’ll See All Day

Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott is, without question, the best SportsCenter anchor of all-time. I’ve always loved, respected, and admired him, but I think that love, respect, and admiration has reached new heights after watching Stuart Scott’s speech at the ESPYs last night, which is certainly the most inspiring thing you’ll see all day today.

What makes Stuart Scott’s speech so great is just how real it is. From the very beginning, when he fanboys out about having “Jack Bauer” giving him his award (and then he very kindly thanks Kiefer Sutherland, noting that 24 is his all-time favorite TV show – it’s up there for me too, Stuart), to the closing moments of his speech, when he opens up about how he can simply call his family and cry and even has his youngest daughter come up on stage and give him a hug. There’s no cheap or fake about Scott’s speech. He tells like it is, about cancer is a fight, a struggle, and that sometimes you need people there to help you through it, to fight the battle for you, because it’s impossible to do on your own the whole time.

Stuart Scott’s message of not giving up, of persevering, is universal and something that can be applied to any aspect of life, whether one is dealing with an illness or not. It’s a message that is told to people often, but I never see people put it into action nearly as much as they say it. Well, Stuart Scott is a living, breathing example of not giving him, and if he can keep fighting while also maintaining his sense of humor and love of life, then, to me, it seems nearly anything is possible.

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