5 Things You Didn’t Know about Eric Dier

A lot of people will still get confused when talking about football and soccer, so let’s clarify right now. Eric Dier is a soccer player, and possibly one of the best in the game at this time. Some would argue that he’s still young and has a lot of growing to do, but be that as it may, he’s still a talent that doesn’t come often. Already he’s been sought after by a few teams and despite their offers he’s stuck close to home, playing for Tottenham Hotspur and the English national team.

It’s easy to see why other teams would want him when he’s such a natural talent, but the Hotspurs aren’t letting go of him anytime soon for any price.

5. He was scouted in a preparatory school in Lisbon at the age of 8.

How good were you at any sport when you were 8 years old?  It’s a credit to Dier that he was recognized as a real talent when he was so young. It’s even more impressive that his talent was cultivated and didn’t wear out by the time he hit his twenties. So far he’s still going strong and considering that he has time on his side it’s likely he’ll just keep going.

4. In 2013 he was named to the 21-man squad for the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Accepting accolades and prestigious appointments should come naturally when you’re just that good. Dier’s work ethic and his natural skill have carried him far and continue to bolster his level of play as he continues to get better with each passing year. By now he could easily be called a well-seasoned pro despite the fact that he’s still relatively young.

3. He’s a very versatile player.

It takes a very skilled player to be able to switch positions. He’s known to play midfield, center-back and right-back. This makes a player far more valuable and able to adapt to the field as the game unfolds.  That kind of play is hard to come by in any sport, and it makes the athlete a great deal more desirable to their own team and other teams.

2. He’s the great-nephew of Pete Croker, who played for Charlton Athletic.

There’s a little more pressure when someone in the family has already been a celebrated athlete, but in Dier’s case it was a great-uncle that tasted success. His father was a tennis player, so there were some expectations no doubt of his becoming an athlete. Whatever they were, Dier likely exceeded them quite readily as he has become one of the premier footballers in the league.

1. He was offered a position on the Portugal team but opted instead to play for England.

When Dier was still a child his family moved from England to Portugal for his mother’s job. When the family went to move back he opted to stay in Portugal. He was kept in Sporting CP’s academy where he was eventually discovered as a future footballing star. Despite learning the finer points of the game in Portugal and eventually being offered a spot on their team, Dier chose instead to go back to England.

You usually have to know something about soccer to know anything about it’s players, just like any other sport. One thing everyone can agree upon however is that Eric Dier is a young talent that should have plenty of years ahead of him to cement a legacy and show just how great he can become.

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