Rugby Player Issac Luke Tackles Pitch Invader


Only in rugby would you see one of the players be the person to stop a fan who ran onto the field before security could. Issac Luke, a New Zeland player for the South Sydney Rabbitohs of the National Rugby League, was the one who put a stop to the fan’s run across the pitch, decking the guy as if he was a member of the opposing team and helping security carry him off the pitch. 

I’ll still never understand what motivates fans of any sport (rugby, soccer, baseball, etc.) to run out onto the field when they’re favorite teams are playing. Sure, we all laugh at the random streakers of the past or crack jokes about guys yelling, “Don’t tase me, bro!” at security but all it does it impede the actual game being played, tick off the rest of the fans in the stands, and make you look like a selfish, idiotic jerk. There’s literally no point to it other than to delay the game for everyone, which is what all the people in attendance paid good money to come and see.

However, after giving it some thought though, I would love to see a guy run out onto a football field and have to be stopped by a player, if only because I think it would be hilarious. Imagine a 300 pound lineman chasing after some skinny kid who’s trying to get on TV or a player like Ray Lewis or Richard Sherman getting the chance to deck a guy before security has the chance. I mean, sure, it might be a little dangerous but to see some idiot get his clock cleaned by a fully padded NFL player might just be worth the stupid disturbance.

Check out the video of Luke’s rugby stop below.

Photo via YouTube


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