Mike Tyson Steals Airplane Seat from Dana White

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It’s always good to see that big, tough guys can still have a sense of humor. In this goofy, joke video posted to MMA president Dana White’s Instagram, White is nice and comfortable in his seat on his private jet – well, at least’s he’s comfortable until Mike Tyson comes up and steal his seat from him.

“B-b-but I like this seat,” White stammers, after Tyson smacks his arm and tells him to get up.

“Yeah, well, I like it better,” Tyson responds, before plopping down in the seat and getting comfortable with a neck pillow.

Tyson, as anyone will know from watching The Hangover films, is no stranger to comedy and certainly does not seem to mind milking his imposing figure (and even more intimidating history) to elicit laughs. While he doesn’t knock out White with a right hook or go on an adventure to look for his infamous pet tiger, Tyson still brings the laughs in this short video simply by being Mike Tyson, one of the most ridiculous (if not the most ridiculous) figure in sports, especially with that tattooed face and the lisp in his voice, both of which are the complete opposite of the “tough guy” persona that Tyson emits. Still, though, I would never make fun of him to his face. I mean, seriously, who would be dumb enough to do that?

Check out the video for yourself below to enjoy a few laughs. And let’s just be thankful no one accidentally got their eat bitten off in the making of this video. That would have been a lot of blood shed for a joke.

Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation

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