Mike Tyson and Tom Brady Take An Awesome Photo Together


I’m not a big horse racing guy, but you know what does get me interested? Mike Tyson. You know what gets me even more interested? Mike Tyson and Tom Brady together. In a picture.

Two of the sports world’s most famous celebrities got together for a photograph, also alongside Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, after the Preakness horse race on Saturday, as the winning horse, California Chrome, completed the second leg of the Triple Crown. The picture comes straight from Tyson’s Twitter, and as you can see, it’s pretty awesome.

While Brady and Tyson are definitely the stars of the picture, if you look to the right of the photo, though, at the guy with the drink in his hand, he looks a little familiar. Many people believed that it was Tom Brady’s ex-teammate, Denver Broncos’ wide receiver Wes Welker, who is also a well-known horse racing fan. However, it turns out that those rumors were false.┬áIt’s not Welker but actually Tom Brady’s assistant, whose name is Will McDonough.

Not going to lie, if this picture is any indication as to what McDonough’s actual work day is like, it seems like being Tom Brady’s assistant would be the greatest job in the world. Football games, horse races, free drinks, supermodels, and McDonough gets to be a part of all that without even needing to play the sport. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

Here’s hoping that California Chrome actually completes the entire Triple Crown, so that we might just be treated to an even more awesome picture the next time.

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