If Lavar Ball Died, I’m Not Sure Many People Would be Upset

It’s not cool to wish for someone to die at all, so let’s make sure that the point of this article is not to wish Lavar Bell a swift demise, but more to state that apart from his family and friends he wouldn’t be missed. In truth, he hasn’t been missed from the game of basketball at all considering his antics and burning need to promote himself and his children, which still means he’s promoting himself. A lot of people might stand up for him and that’s  great, but his contributions to the game at this point have been so embarrassing that it’s a safe bet to think that once he’s finally out of the picture as far as the NBA is concerned, he’ll become little more than a faded memory, if that.

No one wants him to die. But would you miss him?

He claimed that his son could be Shaquille O’Neal and his son in a one on two game. 

Lavar has a big mouth, there’s no doubt about that. But making claims such as this just proves that he’s almost all talk and no walk. He seems to think that he can take anyone, and by extension his sons could take anyone on the court without an issue. The level of confidence is great, but the need to talk incessantly about it is what tends to grind on many people and set them against him. His pride and joy in the fact that his son is a future NBA star is great, but pulling him into a debate such as this is not just childish, it’s pointless.

He openly embarrassed himself on live TV.

Ball came on WWE Raw to promote the clothing line that he was trying to push, and instead openly embarrassed himself on live TV. While it might have been scripted in part it was hard to really understand if he was following a script or if he was freestyling it. Even the one-liners he used were a bit out of context and seemed a little stale. Plus, when he brought his son out the kid didn’t even seem to want to be there. Then, oh lord, taking his shirt off and acting like a wannabe Sho’Nuff karate master was simply horrible. And then what did his son do? He dropped one of the worst words you could ever use on live TV. So yeah, Ball and his boys were anything but impressive during their appearance on Raw.

He doesn’t know when to be quiet.

Even the greatest players know when to shut their mouths occasionally to avoid making a situation worse. Ball seems to excel at running his mouth and making everyone around him either extremely uncomfortable or increasingly agitated. This isn’t the mark of a humble or even kind man no matter what he might be like away from the cameras. He’s trying to bank on the success of his son, and doesn’t seem able to stop himself from making outlandish claims that Lonzo Ball will be better than Stephen Curry or Lebron James. That might be so, but let’s at least wait and see what Lonzo can do before we start entertaining thoughts of grandeur.

So no, no one actively wants Ball to die. It’s not a good thing to wish harm on anyone. But closing his mouth once in a while might be nice.


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