Hugh Jackman Calling out John Cena on Sportscenter is Incredible

Hugh Jackman

If there was any questioning in anyone’s mind of Hugh Jackman being the man, then this video of him calling out WWE star John Cena should wash away those doubts. Jackman was on SportsCenter this week, promoting his new film, X-Men: Days of Future Past (which I just saw last night, by the way, and it was amazing. Jackman and everyone else killed it), and while there, he hilariously threatened Cena, calling himself the “Flying Aussie” and telling Cena that “you’re not going to see me coming.”

Hugh Jackman doing something awesome shouldn’t really be news to anyone. The guy is an all around stud. He’s Australian and almost terrifyingly jacked (I seriously think his biceps are the size of my head). He can act, sing, and dance. He’s played Wolverine in the X-Men films and (for us musical theater fans, no matter how few of us there are) Jean Valjean in the film version of Les Miserables, which landed him his first ever Oscar nomination. Jackman can truly do it all.

What’s most important about Jackman, though, what makes me and millions of others like him so much is his personality. He never appears to take himself too seriously (although, by his acting, you can tell that he puts a great deal of time and effort into each part he plays), and in interviews, is always cracking a joke or telling a great story. Being Wolverine is what first put Jackman into everyone’s orbit. However, it’s the man off the screen, the guy who establishes charity organizations like the Laughing Man (a coffee shop that Jackman opened, where all proceeds go to charity) or is able to poke fun at himself on national television,  that makes Jackman a one-of-a-kind star. To put it simply, Hugh Jackman, and everything he does, is totally uncoached. 

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