Five of Our Least Favorite NFL Coaches Going into This Season

As we head into the 2017 NFL season it’s easy to forget the past and look forward to the upcoming schedules of the 32 teams that will be vying for a spot in the playoffs come January. What we can’t overlook at the beginning of this season is that some coaches are at the top of their game and others are quickly sinking in the morass that comes from coaching a team that doesn’t seem to have much of a future at the moment. Now of course the saying “Any given Sunday” still applies to everyone or it can’t apply to anyone. But the truth of the matter is that if the coaches listed below don’t get it together and pull their teams into line, or make them contenders, they could easily be looking for another job come March. So at the moment, these are the least favored coaches we’re looking at as we move into the 2017 season.

These head coaches don’t necessarily have the worst track record, but judging by their lack of experience and the uphill battle they have to climb they’re not exactly in the best position going into the season.

5. Todd Bowles-New York Jets

Do you realize the Jets have not made the playoffs since 2010? They’re record has been abysmal for all but one year, and that was in 2015 when they STILL missed the playoffs. Bowles hasn’t been around that long, but it’s been long enough to see the locker room fall into chaos and his quarterback situation start to fall apart. Something isn’t right in New York and I don’t think Bowles has enough left in the tank to fix it.

4. Sean McDermott-Buffalo Bills

It’s not exactly his fault that things are a little kooky right now, but he still doesn’t have the tool set to make it right just yet. To start with he’s never been a head coach. He might have been one heck of a good defensive coordinator but that’s just one aspect of the job. Now he needs to step up to the big boy’s seat and take over the entire team. Time will tell if he’s able to do this, but with a team that’s experienced a front office shift since last season he’s not being put in the best position.

3. Sean McVay

Go ahead and point to the fact that he’s one of the youngest head coaches ever, that’s not what worries people. It’s the fact that everyone seems eager to laud these new head coaches without falling back on the simple fact that they are NEW to head coaching. This is a different aspect of the ball game people. The head coach position can make or break a person and it might just break a few this season as it’s been doing the last few seasons. If you don’t believe me ask the Browns.

2. Vance Joseph-Denver Broncos

He was a defensive coordinator whose defense, the Miami Dolphins just to remind you, came in 29th last season. And this guy is the new head coach of the Broncos? This guy, who thinks defensively as a habit and obviously has a lot of talent to manage but doesn’t specialize in offense? Unless the Broncos can really rally together and Joseph can switch his thinking don’t look for the team to do much for a little while.

1. Anthony Lynn-LA Chargers

He’s got the least amount of experience as a head coach and as a coordinator. He impressed the right people and made his way to the top coaching spot largely because there was no one else. Now he gets to deal with a new stadium in a new city with one of the toughest divisions in the league. Best of luck to you.

We’ll see how the season goes before reassigning this list. Remember, any given Sunday.


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