Five Times it’s Acceptable Give Up On Your Sports Team

Boston Red Sox Victory Parade

We’ve said it many times before—it’s not easy being a sports fan. With no control over the decisions that front-offices or athletes make—like demanding a trade, signing a contract with another team or, in the case of an amateur athlete, deciding where they’ll go to college—things can be tough on staying true to your squad. Still, one would assume that there are few times when it’s time to just completely jump ship, right? Wrong. Just read these and see when it should be accepted for you to turn your back and find a different franchise to start cheering for.

5. When Thinking About the Past

As a Cleveland sports fan, it’s honestly depressing to know that the 50th Anniversary of the last championship in a major sport of that great sports town has come and gone. And while it’s even more difficult realizing that the state of each team in the city right now isn’t very optimistic in breaking that slump, there’s nothing like looking back on all the missed opportunities they have had in the past, only adding salt to a bloody wound. If you find yourself doing this and being more discouraged, maybe it’s time to start shopping around for a team with better success in the past decade than the one you’re currently dealing with.

4. You’re Not Getting Your Fill

With the 24/7 breaking news world that we live in these days, it’s hard to imagine that your favorite team doesn’t get some sort of publicity. Saying that, it doesn’t always mean that it’s positive. While we just admitted to being a Cleveland sports fan, at least we have Kyrie Irving and the dysfunctional Browns to lean on to garner some headlines. We couldn’t imagine being someone from Milwaukee who only get to see about eight seconds of a highlight of their Bucks on Sportscenter each night. We’re not telling you to bow out and start cheering for a bigger market just for that reason, but we wouldn’t hate on you if you did.

3. You’re in Denial

Simply put, once any fan finds themselves trying to convince themselves that their team isn’t as bad as they want to believe, or that you’re making excuses to questions that should have obvious answers to them, you’ve officially been duped by your team. It’s totally cool that you want to come across as loyal and stand-up for that bust of a draft pick. But if you really want to start getting some sleep at night—and some cheers during games—you should start looking at adopting a new team to root for.

2. You Care More Than the Players

Of course, this probably will never actually be true, but if it feels like the guys who get paid millions of dollars are slacking off and seem disinterested in winning, you might take things personal, wishing that you could go give them a pep talk before a game, or lay into them following a blowout loss. Things get really pathetic, though, when you find yourself complaining because guys are goofing around and smiling with opposing players, basically pouting just because you need something to cry about. It sucks to see, but since it’s a type of betrayal, we give you the OK to go ahead and turn your back on them.

1. After a Fire-Sale

One of the worst words that a fan can ever hear a team admit to doing is “rebuilding.” So if/when your team says something like that, basically telling the fanbase to “be patient and believe in the process,” that’s a fair warning that you’re going to be suffering through some headaches. This typically means that the team is letting go all of its talented players to give younger, more inexperienced guys a chance to play, all while keeping the same prices on tickets to watch this pathetic-sounding team play live. Sounds terrible, so go ahead and jump ship.

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