Five Sports Fathers Nearly as Bad as Lavar Ball

Lavar Ball has been under a great amount of pressure lately with the idea that he’s a horrible sports father rolling around in the media circles. It’s unfortunate that only one side is being told most of the time, especially since there’s an obvious reason why Ball’s kids are excelling in life. But as with anything there are always two sides at the very least to a story, and until a compromise can be reached we won’t get the full scoop. LaVarr Ball isn’t the only throughout sports history that’s been considered a bad father though. There are several others that are considered to be just as bad if not worse.

Here are a few names you wouldn’t have thought could be added to this list.

5. Karl Malone

For those of us that have kids it’s hard to imagine what it might be like to not be a part of their lives for even a short amount of time. Malone had twin daughters and a son that he didn’t get to know for almost two decades. Worse than that however is that his son, Demetrius Bell, was told by his father that it was just too late for them to get to know one another. Bell was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the NFL. It’s almost impossible to think of never wanting to get to know your own kid though.

4. Travis Henry

Just as bad as not wanting to get to know your kid is not wanting to support them as much as they need. Henry had nine kids from nine different women and after getting busted for cocaine charges actually pleaded to the judge to lower the amount of money he had to pay for child support. This is an NFL athlete that made good money and he was trying to skip out on paying what was due to his kids. That’s as close to the definition of a bad father as you can get.

3. George Foreman

Foreman isn’t truly a bad father, but like Ball he has his eccentricities. All of his kids are named after him. He has five boys named George and five girls named Georgina. That shows an ego that refuses to quit and has come to affect the kids in a very profound way. You think they might start going by their middle names just to keep from getting confused?

2. Kenny Anderson

It must be a pro athlete thing to have multiple kids by multiple women. Anderson has missed one child support payment after another since his professional career. Even after moving to Lithuania he has continued to miss his payments, which are now said to be up around the $100,000 mark.

1. Marc Chmura

Green Bay lost one heck of a player when Chmura got busted for sexual misconduct with his kids’ babysitter. The girl was 17 at the time and despite the fact that Chmura was found not guilty he’s never been viewed quite the same. That didn’t stop him from getting inducted into the Packers’ Hall of Fame in 2010.

So you see there are guys out there worse than Lavar Ball. He might be over the top, actually he is over the top, but he’s not the worst. He’s just the most noticeable at the moment.


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