Five Elite Athletes Who Should Embrace Their Baldness

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No dude ever wants to admit that they’re losing their hair. But as bros get older and genetics or stress takes over, it’s only natural to see a few thinning strands up top. But don’t fear that shiny head that’s coming your way, embrace it—coming from a near 30-year-old with all his mane left—because, unlike some of these athletes, you shouldn’t worry about your personal image.  Hey, Michael Jordan was bald and it’s worked out for him quite well, wouldn’t you say?

5. Wes Welker

One of the more sure-handed wideouts of the past five years or so, the Broncos’ Wes Welker also proved that he had quite the pension for snagging hats on top of his head. That was, of course, until he decided to opt for hair transplants. Yep, the shifty wide receiver went from potentially being hairless to having wavy bangs to part to the side. We’re still debating if it’s OK to talk as openly about as he does, though.

4. Johnny Manziel

While we admit that it’s definitely a downer when you’re a just turned 21-year-old college kid and your hairline is already fading back, in Manziel’s case, it probably shouldn’t matter much. OK, so he doesn’t have the movie star looks like Tom Brady has, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be equally as successful. The outlook of “Johnny Football” being bald by the time he’s 25 is pretty high, so the bro should lose the visor and other tactics he uses to cover it up and just let the wind hit it right.

3. Wayne Rooney

Much like the aforementioned Welker, soccer star Wayne Rooney has decided that hair plugs would be his best option to take care of his loss. Going from a pretty solid mop in his early days to that creepy uncle look before the surgery, it appears Rooney is happy showing-off his newfound hairiness—which any guy who paid for it should do.

2. Tiger Woods

Easily the best player on tour, Woods isn’t necessarily under-par when it comes to the amount of hair on his noggin. While Tiger’s main competitor, Phil Mickelson, continues to grow his hair long with it flowing, Woods is restricted to covering his bald spots with a bevy of hats—wearing his trademark black cap pretty much every round. He does a solid job hiding it, but one would think that if he really wanted to, the billionaire would do something about it.

1. LeBron James

Come on now, you just had to know we were going to go here with our top spot, right? With the way James dominates on the basketball court, it seems that the only thing people can negatively try to poke at is the fact that his hairline continues to move up his head. Yo Bron, just keep winning MVP and championships and no one will give two damns about your hair loss—OK, so that might be true, either.

*Yes we know about Manu Ginobili!

Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

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