Five of the Best Inventions in Sports

In an age of technology, let’s not forget about some of the things that have help revolutionize the one thing that nearly every single guy invests way too much time in—sports. Over the past decade or so, leagues and the games we love have become much more open to adopting things that may have seemed way too progressive just years prior. Whether something for the fans, to improve the games or equipment for athletes, here are a few of the best inventions in sports.

5. Field Turf

Sure, we still love the natural grass that teams have for their fields, but one can’t argue that Field Turf has revolutionized sports. And let’s face the fact that this fake grass is a hell of a better alternative than the former AstroTurf that guys were forced to play on, which was solely responsible for ripping up knees and ending careers. Natural grass might still be the best playing surface option, but Field Turf is a great alternative that takes elements of it while providing enough cushion for guys to be comfortable playing on.

4. TV Sports Packages

OK, so we admit that anyone who orders channels like NFL RedZone or NBA League Pass are probably a bit too obsessed with sports—or, more than likely, fantasy sports—but one can’t deny that it’s worth it. As someone who lives in Seattle and would never get a chance to see some of my home teams from Cleveland play, these give us a chance to yell at the TV and be depressed while watching the full game, rather than just the highlights on Sportscenter.

3. Dri-Fit Clothes

As someone who literally pours sweat when working out, we can tell you that this might just be the greatest material sports has ever seen. Rather than being uncomfortable by performing in shirts and shorts that stick to someone’s body because it’s soaked, constricting one’s ability, this stuff just drinks up the perspiration and doesn’t make an athlete worry about it. There’s a reason why jersey’s, socks, shorts and headbands are all being made with sweat-wicking material.

2. The Hover Golf Cart

We’re guessing you’ve seen the video of former Masters champion Bubba Watson riding around a golf course in one of these babies. Well while some may have believed this was nothing but a pipe dream or a simple concept, there are courses around the country that have adopted them for players to use. More than just a cool idea, these things are actually practical as well, proving that golf can be fun even if you’re double-bogeying every single hole.

1. Instant Reply

We don’t care how long it might interrupt the flow of the game or the fact that what seems obvious to the naked eye is ruled as being “unable to have enough evidence to overturn,” instant replay in all of sports is something that ever fan should love. Sure, it’s a headache at times when it’s over-utilized, but if the right call is made, that should really be all that matters.

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

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