The Top Five Yasiel Puig Bat Flips of His Career

The antics of major league athletes are nothing new, but with each year they’re coming under greater scrutiny and in some cases have become as entertaining as the sport itself. Take the bat flip for instance. It shows attitude, it shows spark, it might even be an attempt to show up the pitcher in a very “that’s all you got?” kind of gesture. While the flip might get under some people’s skin it’s still a very popular way to show how the batter is feeling at that moment, whether it’s good or bad. Yasiel Puig knows how to do it, and he’s never shy about it either.

Here are a few moments in which Puig lets it all go for the perfect flip.

5. That’s Game!

Securing a 1-0 win over the Red with a walk off homer was definitely worth a bat flip. The sheer feeling of relief and a sense that he just put a bold statement on the game had to have fueled this gesture, and it no doubt felt good. It might not have been appreciated by the pitcher, or the catcher, or even the entire Reds team, but one thing is sure, Puig kind of didn’t care about all that. If your team was on the winning side, would you?

4. Won’t be needing this anymore.

Just the most casual flip can say so much. Once he sees where the ball is going Puig just kind of shrugs this bat right out of his hands. Nope, won’t be needing that for a while. This is the kind of flip that kind of gets people hot under the collar since it might seem just a little arrogant if taken the wrong way. If you’re the batter though chances are you’re doing it because in that moment you know you did something great. Obviously the pitcher didn’t think so.

3. That’s right! That’s…okay, time to run.

Ah the feel you get when you hear the crack of the bat as it catches the ball just right. You’re so pumped to just jog it on in, and then you realize that the ball didn’t quite get over the wall. Give credit to Puig though, after flipping the bat like he’d just won the game he ran like hell to get all the way to third. The bat flip definitely showed how pumped up he was, but the way his legs started churning suggested it might have been a little premature.

2. That’s what I think of that. 

Sometimes the attitude in the bat flip is more than warranted, it’s absolutely necessary. Puig almost gets hit in the chin with the preceding pitch. When he launches the next one into the stands there’s an obvious air of “yeah, that just happened” in that purposeful flip. Pitchers might not like to see it, but if they’re going to let their aim slide off true that much then they’d better be expecting a little payback sooner or later.

1. The (almost) epic fail.

Talk about killing two birds with one, bat?  Not all bat flips are as graceful or on point as a player might want. Puig proves it right here as he’s about to take his base after being walked. He goes to flip the bat and almost winds up tossing it in the direction of the umpire and the catcher. Would that be considered an error or just a poor decision on his part?

So yeah, the bat flip can be a little pretentious and even a bit arrogant, but there are times when it seems very necessary. It’s always important though to understand that not everyone is going to see it the same way.



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