Baseball Moments in Movies That Were Just as Good as the Real Thing

Sometimes the movies can be every bit as exciting as real life. A lot of times you might look at a film and say “that wouldn’t really happen” or “that’s impossible”. But in some cases you get the same feeling watching a movie as you would watching real life. Baseball can be kind of slow and drag on at times but when it really gets moving you tend to get excited and even jump out of your seat as the action heats up. A lot of times in movies the greatest correlation between real life and film comes at those crucial moments when the game is on the line and you’re just waiting for something monumental to happen.

Here are a few examples of how America’s favorite pastime can be enjoyed just as much on film as it is in real life.

Major League – The Indians win

The ending of the movie is really over-dramatized but in reality it can get just this tense. The go-ahead run on second and the sacrifice bunt are risky, but they’re not impossible. It just takes outwitting and outsmarting the other team to make them blink right before you execute the plan. After that it’s all in the hands of the players.

The Sandlot – Beating the other team

So for anyone that’s played sandlot ball or just a pick up game in the park you’ll understand the need for this clip. There’s no denying the passion and the skill that both teams have, but the sandlot crew play for the love of the game itself, not just because their parents expect them to. They’re not in it for status of any type. They just want to play. A lot of times the player that goes in loose and with no set expectations will do better than those that feel like they’re playing in the World Series.

Trouble With The Curve – Bo gets shown up.

Like a lot of baseball scenes this is very dramatic but the gist of it is that during training camp a player will show their weaknesses and strengths which will determine if they’re really worth the time it took to pick them. This is where being the number one draft pick for any team is one of the most stressful spots to be.  While it’s not entirely likely to find a guy off the street that pitches like a pro and can humble the number one hitter in the draft, it’s the kind of thing you might find a little off-putting as a GM if you put all your stock into that talented slugger than can’t hit the curve.

Baseball moments in real life and those in film are often connected in a way we don’t always see but can find if we manage to watch the highlights and really pay attention. Baseball is a fun sport to watch and in film they tend to get a little dramatic but that’s usually what pushes the film along. In real life a lot of fans don’t even worry about the dynamic between teammates and rival teams, but the fact is that it’s still there.


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