8 Athletes Who Don’t Seem “All There”

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Though there’s definitely worse things to be called than absent-minded, it’s not necessarily something someone wants to be described as. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dumb, but it’s that you’re just a little bit off on all the details, aloof and even potentially a little selfish who thinks it’s all about you. We’re sure we could all think of thousands of athletes like this, but we tried our best to narrow it down to just eight.

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8. Gennaro Gattuso

Trust us, we’re huge fans of the former Italian national player, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s always “there.” Gattuso’s as aggressive as they come, often holding grudges just for the chance to retaliateā€which obviously has hurt his teams. Our favorite story about him though? When he choked-out opposing Manager Joe Jordan, screaming obscenities in Jordan’s native Scottish.

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7. Dez Bryant

For someone as talented as Bryant is, it’s pretty sad that he can’t learn to just stay out of trouble. Arrested on multiple occasions, the Cowboys were actually so concerned about him last year that he needed to get permission to stay out past his team-induced curfew on his own birthday! We love his “living in the moment,” but dude’s got to stop and think before acting more often.

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6. Metta World Peace

Most famous for the epic fight he started years ago in Detroit, World Peace (or Ron Artest or whatever his name is)), almost just says or does things to see what will get a reaction. He’s a former all-star and Defensive Player of the Year, but those days are long gone thanks to him becoming more of a sideshow who can’t be taken to seriously.

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5. Chad Ochocinco

Though No. 85’s out of the league now, it still doesn’t stop him from playing-up his celebrity thanks to his football career. An avid Tweeter, he loves the fact that he’s a celebrity, and will offer his opinion on things just to get people engaged. There was a time when we legit thought he liked scoring TDs just to showcase his celebration, and not so much because it actually helped the team.

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4. John Daly

Daly used to crush the ball off the tee as if he was Happy Gilmore or something. But after hitting the bottle too often, he fell from grace fast. Though he’s somehow maintained his PGA Tour Card, you can tell by his eccentric clothing choices that his mind’s not really focused so much on how he’ll shoot that particular day.

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3. Carlos Zambrano

For any aspiring athlete out there, fighting with teammates and letting your emotions get the best of you is no way to enjoy a successful career. In “Big Z’s” case, he let every outside factor seem to effect his performances on the mound, and let his mind wander to things that were way out of his control. Come on man, you throw 95 mph, just rear back and fire it.

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2. Terrell Owens

T.O. has always been about himself. So forget about his team winning or losing, if he didn’t get his on the field, he wasn’t happy. Known for doing anything to get attention, the dude could potentially make the Hall of Fame, but because of his attitude, may be on the outside looking in one day.

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1. Manny Ramirez

Is there anyone more out there than Ramirez, the former Major Leaguer who would go into the Green Monster to take a leak, got busted for using PED’s (twice!) and actually cut-off a throw from Johnny Damon by diving in the outfield to do it? He was a great hitter and personality, but his head always seemed to be elsewhere.

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