The 6 Worst Coaching Hires of the Past 25 Years

Barclays Announces Naming Rights For New Nets Arena

1. Jason Kidd, Brooklyn Nets

The day after the Nets hired Jason Kidd as their head coach, we wrote a piece about all the reasons it wouldn’t work. While we were cautious in our prediction—after all, he was a great player and acquired two future Hall of Famers—seeing where Brooklyn is at today, it seems like we were spot on. As bad as the team had been on the floor, Kidd’s antics have given unnecessary attention to a team that strictly doesn’t need it, only proving that he isn’t ready to lead an NBA squad.  Sure they made the playoffs but they underachieved and Kidd bolted for more power with the Bucks.

*Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about Mike D’Antoni Knicks and Lakers!

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