15 of the Best Johnny Manziel Instagram Pictures

Clearly the biggest spectacle in this year’s NFL draft has been Johnny Manziel.  He’s been everything from criticized to praised in his quest to lead the Cleveland Browns out of mediocrity.  While some are betting on his incredible athleticism and “stuff you just can’t teach” (AKA Uncoached intangibles), others are saying none of that will matter in the gritty NFL and that defenses are going to swallow this guy up.

We’re not here to analyze or criticize.  We just know that Johnny Football is one hell of an entertainer and no one can say otherwise.  While his videos and antics off the field always merit a watch, we decided to check out the QB’s instagram profile for some entertainment.  Here are 15 of the best Johnny Manziel Instgram pictures

Pictures are via jmanziel2

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