Women’s App LuLu Is Now Letting Men In On How Women Think


As a guy, have you ever wondered how women see the world of dating?  I know that I’ve always wondered about what kind of a guy is the ideal type that women are looking to date, or if women really think that guys and girls can actually be “just friends.” Well, now thanks to LuLu, the app that was initially a platform that just allowed women to discuss their likes and dislikes about men, guys everywhere can find answers to these questions and more, as LuLu is now releasing a version of the app for men that will allow them to discover the honest opinions that girls share with each other when they’re alone.

Now, you might be wondering exactly what kind of information you’ll be able to get. Well, to give you an example,  let’s take a look at two of the questions I brought up at the start of this article: what kind of guy is the ideal type that women are looking to date, and do women think that guys and girls can be “just friends”?  This is how the answers break down to those questions, according to LuLu. 10.78% of women want an introvert who loves to cuddle, while 15.39% would love a party boy who loves to go out and knows everyone. 2.5% will take take “whatever I can get,” and the majority of women polled, 71.33%, said their ideal type of guy is a guy with a close group of good friends.

Additionally, despite popular opinion, most women, according to LuLu, actually believe that men and women can just be friends. Only around 4% of women said that male/female friendships were unrealistic or would never last. 5% of women think that friends with benefits could work, while 26.93% insist that there must be zero attraction between the guy and girl in order for them to be friends. However, the largest percentage of women polled, 59.32%, said that they have a lot of guys who are “just friends,” so, at least from most women’s points of view, girls might just want to be our friends, guys – they’re not always trying to flirt with you, even if their personality may be a little flirty.

Ultimately, if you’re a guy who is seeking to understand women better (isn’t that all of us, really?), LuLu launching a new version of this app, thereby letting guys in on the brutal honesty of how girls think, is something that’s pretty awesome and most certainly useful. I know for a fact that I’m going to be look at some of these facts before I try anything new with a girl anytime soon. I have a feeling that it’ll definitely save me a whole lot of trouble.

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