Mousetrap Tearing Through Hot Dogs In Super Slow Motion

The second I saw this video I thought to myself, “hey I just work here.”  Frankly (pun intended) it’s my job to stumble across stuff like this so you don’t have to but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.  Why anyone would even think of this or choose to record it is not the main point.  The main point is that when you see a super slow motion video video of a mousetrap repeatedly slicing through hot dogs you’ll completely understand why it’s on here.

Dare I say “uncoached?”  Yeah, I dare say it.  Seriously can you imagine how close this is to looking like you know?  Yeah, you know.  The wincing I’ve been doing in the last five minutes is almost nauseating.  I haven’t hurled yet but I’m pretty close.

Look, whoever started the whole ulra-slow motion crazy nearly a decade ago deserves credit.  Things just look super cool at super slow motion but I think there are some things better left to the imagination.  This is one of those things.  But sure, check it out.  Why not?

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