Japanese Game Shows: You Better Not Get This Wrong


So I’m completely fascinated by Japanese game shows.  The reason is that for years upon years the Japanese have been pushing the limits of human endurance in their game shows whereas we Americans have only been doing it for a few years.  And it’s not like Fear Factor or shows of that nature are anything like Japanese Game Shows.  A show like Fear Factor is just disgusting.

But on shows from Japan we get ultimate tests.  I’m talking about what can the human body possibly handle?  From seriously severe weather conditions to getting plunked where it really counts, to flat out torture in public places, contestants are tested like no where else in the world.

So today’s first clip is a complete classic.  Just a bunch of dudes lined up in what appears to be a contest where they have to recite something perfectly.  If they don’t recite said passage in the correct manner then they get completely clocked.  I won’t ruin the surprise but let’s just say it’s hilarious and painful to watch at the same time.

Man these guys are amazing.

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