Five of The Internet’s Weirdest Mascots


The new Facebook dinosaur has stepped onto the scene without warning and he may be here to stay! Reminding you to make sure your privacy settings are up-to-date is the new mascot’s job. He’s been labeled the ‘Privosaurus Rex’ by the Wall Street Journal. Apparently, he beat out some tough competition (speech bubbles and a robot) to win the job. Get use to ‘Zuckasaurus’ on Facebook! The good news is he’s not the only weird internet mascot out there:

Microsoft’s Clippy


Twitter’s Fail Whale


Bitly’s Pufferfish


Sun Java’s Duke


TiVo’s Smiling TV Guy



Yes, these mascots are weird, but it’s hard to argue with the companies behind them. They are making serious money – maybe that’s why they can pick whatever mascot entertains them the most! Either way, these are just five of the weirdest mascots out there on the internet.

Image via STAN HONDA—AFP/Getty Images

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