David Beckham Trolls Son Brooklyn on Instagram

I personally don’t know David Beckham from a hole in the wall but from what I’ve seen he seems like a pretty good guy.  At least for someone who is ridiculously rich, good looking, and doesn’t have any real reason to be nice to anyone if he doesn’t want to.  At this point in his career he seems to still like looking at beautiful women, modeling, and being a parent.  From what I can gather, he’s definitely a good dad.  At least as good a dad as you can be when you know your children are already celebrities.

That’s why I appreciated Beckham’s recent Instagram antics on son Brooklyn Beckham.  Brooklyn is already extremely popular and has created his own celebrity.  But father David proves that parents will be parents.  Brooklyn decided to host a live video chat on his Instagram page.  When daddy got wind of it he decided to join in on the action with a couple of choice lines.

The first one was “U should be at school,” and the second one was “that’s my shirt.”  It’s nice to know that even celebrity fathers are calling out their celebrity sons.  Seriously Brooklyn, stay in school man.

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David Beckham Trolls Son Brooklyn on Instagram
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