Cheese Rolling Seen Through GoPro POV is Crazy


Last week, thousands of people gathered on Cooper’s Hill near Brockworth in Gloucestershire for the 2014 Cheese Rolling Race. Last year to make the race safer revellers had to chase an imitation double Gloucester 200 m (656 ft) down the hill at Brockworth. This year the real cheese was back on the menu.

If that wasn’t enough YouTube user samo3h took things to the next level by using a GoPro to video tape the event. If you remember, the Cheese Rolling Race came to fame via viral video on YouTube – now things are next level. The video shows the race from the user’s perspective and it looks a lot gnarlier than you’d think just running down a hill after cheese would be.

It’s a time-honored tradition, but honestly, I don’t like cheese nearly enough to get myself in this game. With that said, I’d never turn down a pint and a little fun in Gloucestershire. If you’re like me – you might want to watch the video to see if it sways you.

Check out the drama from samoh5 GoPro….

Image via YouTube

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